Stop Sign, What Stop Sign??

Got pulled over by a “Copper” saying I ran a stop sign. What stop sign??
Sometimes I think there are stop signs where they don’t need to be! Like a dead end road, or off the beaten track. My little stop sign, I promise there was no one that could come from the right or left and straight across was a dead end?

Now I have to pay money for my ‘citation’. Don’t they have something better to do than pull over a hard working small business owner just trying to get to my next appointment to make another dollar for another day woman? LOL!

I am sure there was someone somewhere in the city “smokin crack” that needed to be arrested. Oh but wait, if they arrested them, they wouldn’t get any money out of them for a citation, because Hey, after all they are stupid enough to be smokin crack, so they ‘ain’t got no money’ to pay for a citation!


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