“Hill of Beans?” and Mars…

My Little Hill of Beans!

I am curious what matters to people today? What are they interested in. As busy as we are and as crazy as this world gets sometimes, is anyone interested in what other’s think?

When I Blog, I know it’s a great ‘externalization’ for me and I enjoy expressing myself. It feels good to share your opinions, thoughts, and beliefs… But I sometimes wonder, does it make a difference for anyone…

Does it amount to a hill of beans, or am I just posting into cyberspace? 🙂

Either way, read or not read, I feel good even if I’m just sharing out to cyberspace…

I wonder if the Martians are getting my messages? They say they found ‘water’ on Mars, and thus it can possibly sustain a life force? If there is life on Mars, I wonder if their ‘world’ is getting as crazy as ours! LOL

Now I am off to make some breakfast, eggs with cottage cheese and raison toast, Yummy.

Let me know your thoughts, All of the things we Post, big or small, into our ‘cyberworld’…Does it amount to anything? Oh my little Hill of Beans!


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