Money Money Money! 30 Billion Dollars…

Money for On-line Ads!

That is what is estimated according to market research to be spent by companies on ‘on line’ advertising by 2013. This is good to know! This is an increase of 20% of what is currently spent, and will continue to grow as the internet becomes a mogul for marketing money.

This increase is due to the trend of video advertising on the internet, banner ads available on websites, facebook ads, and all other social media internet ad companies, and etc.

It is great to see an increase in money spent on online advertising. So, if you are a small business, perhaps increasing traffic to your own site, and building a site that is ‘ad friendly’ may be wise?… You too could have extra income from ads that you sell on your site! Call us if you need help with this… This is what we do… Digital Marketing and develop your Digital Strategy for long term residual income.


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