What to wear as a grown woman for Halloween??

I have been thinking what in the world am I going to wear as a grown woman for halloween??… You can’t be too ‘spicy’ or too ‘boring’… At a certain age in life it is very difficult to fall in the ‘middle’ ground for looking good but not looking like you are trying to be a teenie bopper! Also, I don’t think being a fuddy duddy is called for either.

Never the less, I found this great vintage site if anyone is interested?… Very awesome, classy but full of fun and flirty that may work for women in their 30’s?

This outfit is a 1970’s majorette outfit. I really like this one, bit pricy, but my Mom actually had an outfit like this, she kept in her closet from the 70’s for the last 40 years …pretty neat!

Check it out see what you think… I am Ingrid Gee and I approve this cool vintage site!

~Ingrid Gee, blue dress inc, blue dress marketing


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