Are we too overstimulated?

In our super connected web highway could we be overstimulating our senses to overload and eventually shut down?

STOP and Think about it…Phone, Tablet, Wifi, Internet, Mobile Video, Social media, Like me, Follow me, Circle me and so on and on and on and on.

Where do we stop and make sense of it? There is currently more data available at our fingertips than ever before in history. It is quit difficult for the human mind to process the vast amount of information available.

Because of this,  As a business owner it becomes increasingly difficult to effectively market your product. Unless you are a solid sustainable business from many years back, most business owners are finding it difficult in today’s changing economy to meet their bottom line. And even the sustainable business owners understand the value of our hyper connected media world.

So, how do you make sense of it all? How do you take the current ‘digital’/data marketing trend and use it to your advantage?


1. Develop your social platforms and web to kick some butt!
2. Multi is the key word, not just one social media, not just one website presence.
3. Post authentic and relevant information that really MAKES A DIFFERENCE to your audience.
4. Stay true to your brand, don’t try to be more than you are, or someone that you are not. Just be you!
5. Do what you can do. What I mean by this, don’t let all the possibilities overload you. Choose the marketing avenues that make sense for you and make those FAB.
6. Be consistent with your ‘messages’, timely and authentic to your company’s core values.

~Ingrid Gee, Blue Dress Marketing, The Total Package Show,


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