What I love most about being a Mom

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Becoming a Mom is easy. We all know the “birds & the bees” when it comes to making a baby! But, the real pleasure comes when you have the opportunity to experience every day life with your little one.

What I enjoy most about being a Mom is how my daughter:

1. Makes me a better person every day. Having a little one  forces you to look at your choices, decisions, and actions. So, that you may become a role model for your little munchkin, and actually be worthy of them ‘looking up to you’.

2. Fills my cup. You don’t know what your missing until you have a child. The little things that they do and say just brighten your world. For example, I’d ask my daughter what she wanted for dinner, and then I’d ask her again “You sure about that?”, to make sure she really would eat it. She’d say “Yes Mom, I’m sure about that”. Then one day, I said to her “I love you”, and she said back…”I love you too Mommy”, then she added “and I’m sure about that!”

3. Draws me closer to God. When you are able to see a new life created and watch this new life grow, it reminds you that you too were once a child. We all were. Reminds me that life is a gift from God. And seeing the world this way and through a child’s eye with a pure heart is an amazing place to be.

4. A life-time gift of Responsibility. I don’t take it lightly, the responsibility of being a Mom. It is a challenge and a commitment that I willingly accept. I never knew how much I could give to someone else, and gladly give, until I had a child.

~Ingrid Gee, Blue Dress Marketing, The Total Package Show, http://www.bluedressinc.me


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