Did you say EMERGENCY?!!

Life is not always an “emergency”. I like to remember this in my day to day, especially as I grow older. And yes, I do hate to admit that but we all grow older and hopefully wiser every day? Even my little three year old bug a boo, she gets older everyday.

What do I mean by “life is not always an emergency”? You don’t have to justify working eighty hours a week to get ahead. Your “in box” is always going to be full. And hopefully you never reach the bottom of it (because if you did, then you would not be working to create more good in your life or other people’s lives) It will always be full as long as you have something to work for or towards. And that is a good thing!

It is great to have goals and to push yourself to achieve them. But, remember to have fun along the way. Be happy even when all the dishes aren’t put away or the last paper in your inbox still awaits your reply.

Ingrid Gee, Blue Dress Marketing, My Cherry Studio


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