Candles are meant to be burned at one end only…

Most of my clients are small business owners and ambitious entrepreneurs. Running a company, property, e-commerce business, producing products, and delivering services circle around my clients like a whirl wind. Most of the time they are focused on maintaining the business, solving problems, and putting out fires on an extra busy day!

One of the most important things to succeed is taking care of you (the business owner-the vehicle that drives the business). I have been to many training seminars and had coaches that have definitely verified this as true. I have also seen it from first hand experience in my own life. While you rest and sleep your body cleanses, repairs, heals, replenishes and rejuvenates itself. Your body gets revived, the tissues of your brain get restored, new information and memories are stored, and your nerves get recharged.

So go ahead and give yourself the OK to sleep in one day! You’ll be a lot more effective and produce even more than when you burn the candle at both ends.

Ingrid Gee, Small Business Marketing Specialist, Blue Dress Marketing, Web Video Marketing


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