Easy, Breezy Cotton Candy!

small business marketing specialistDo you have a marketing plan or strategy for 2013? Small business marketing is a tough cookie, so having a plan is an important crucial step. Let’s think about a building being built. What would happen if there was not a blue print? A systematic well measured plan to execute and build to full reality equals success. I sure would hate to see the end result of a building with no blueprints. A disaster more than likely is to happen!

Don’t be a disaster in your  marketing department….

Marketing is some what like building as well. If you do not have a plan, you do not know where you are going….and you end up with an end result that is far from optimal.

I suppose you “are going” to your target market. Or that should be the plan LOL!

5 Simple Steps, Easy Plan for Marketing (This will start making sense of your marketing and soon you will be saying to me, Wow, this is Easy Breezy like Cotton Candy!)

1. Develop a Top 10 Marketing List.

(Meaning what are the items/task/actions that you could do to reach your target market?)

2. Put the Top 10 into a timeline.

(Perhaps it is a repeating cycle of actions, or a one time event. Either way make a timeline so there is a SCHEDULED TIME AND PLACE to make it happen)

3. Put someone in charge.

(If you do not have someone wearing the hat, Guess What?? The plan and actions never happen)

4. Hire EXCELLENT people. People are actually an investment in yourself, your company. Get them to build your vision!

(Look for the sharpest one in the group. Even look for those smarter than you, (HA) Those are the ones that will leap forward your coming as they will be innovated, self motivated and intelligent enough to help you follow through with your vision)

5. Have a block schedule.

(Know what you are going to do week in week out that will drive outflow and bring traffic to your product/service)

Those are just a few ideas, and just having a plan is a step in the right direction!

If you need help feel free to contact me at ingrid@bluedressinc.me as we are Small Business Marketing Specialist!

Happy Marketing!

Ingrid Gee


Blue Dress, Inc.


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