Marketing for Small Business-HOLY COW!

Small Business Marketing… Ingrid Gee, Blue Dress Marketing says…Marketing for small business is a challenge today. Ingrid Gee, Small Business Marketing Specialist, writes about the challenges and how to overcome them. Don’t be a “Holy” Cow, get a solid plan fill in the holes of your marketing for your success!

1. Have a Marketing Plan.
2. Be consistent. Work on your plan every week, week in week out, week in week out.
3. Hire smart intelligent employees to help you see your vision through. They may cost more, but if they get the end result, then it is worth it. After all, if they help you make money they are a keeper!
4. Be the leader. Have a clear vision and goal of where you want to be in your company/business. Make sure your team understands this goal and their contribution toward the goals.
5. Give bonus incentives. If your team can help you take ‘ownership’ of  your marketing plan and business ambitions, they will work harder and give more.
6. Last but not least, for those lucky ones out there….Do business and work that you love and enjoy. Don’t be stuck in a rut. If you don’t love what you do, develop an exit plan and build a strategy to eventually do what you LOVE.

Ingrid Gee, Small Business Marketing Specialist, Blue Dress Marketing, Marketing Developed, Implemented and Managed to Full Circle! Organic Internet Search Engine Specialist. ingrid@bluedressinc.me865-951-5887


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