Capture your Success

Ingrid Gee, Small Business Marketing Specialist, shares an article from Forbes on line.

Forbes writes about businesses constantly evolving, almost like living organisms. The startup that’s limping along during it’s early months could evolve to become the next Facebook or LinkedIn.

This article was interesting to me, as it validated my belief that small steps toward progress do make a difference. It is not always about the “leaps and bounds” in business success. Sometimes success comes “inch by inch”, especially in the world of small business.

I have found it to be true that each small step toward progress means something. As well, consistency and the ability to stay the course are important factors to reaching your business goals.

This article featured in Forbes noted that serial entrepreneurs do take a small, “smart step” toward something they desire to achieve. Next they stop and reflect on what that action accomplished. Finally, they decide if they still want to move forward, given what they have deemed to be their “acceptable loss”…With each step they take, they go through the process again until they bail out, shift in another direction or succeed. Of course, they act quickly. Moseying through the steps doesn’t work in a fast-paced, global economy.

Remember some of these ideas and thought processes above. A small shift in how you see things can lead to bigger things in your business. An open mind creates opportunities and allows new insights for wisdom.

~Ingrid Gee, Small Business Marketing Specialist, Blue Dress Marketing, Marketing Developed, Implemented and Managed to Full Circle! Organic Internet Search Engine Specialist. 865-951-5887


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