Be Cool with a Marketing Plan

Melting ice cubesIngrid Gee, Small Business Marketing Specialist talks about how if you have a plan, you can be calm and cool even under chaos.

Let’s face it marketing is a stressful field and it has it’s challenges to make sure that you ‘hit the mark’ on every aspect. Being calm and cool during the ‘chaos’ (that is inevitable in marketing) is one crucial factor to your success.

There are enough things to stress over, like what should my message be, what should my ‘brand’ look like, who is my target market, how do I distribute my message to this market, how to I create the conversion from just marketing to an actually ‘purchase’.

With that and so many other things to  keep up with, the last thing you need is to be “lost” and not have a clear plan of direction.

A marketing plan is your map and guide to allow you to stay on track for your marketing (even when priorities or things switch-which they often do in marketing). Your marketing plan will help you stay focused on the main solid items that won’t change and keep you focused on the path to complete your vision and business goals.

So, remember, Be Cool, Calm, and Effective by having a Plan! Map your Marketing Plan out 12 months in advance if possible.

Till next time,

To your marketing success,
Ingrid Gee, Blue Dress Marketing


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