The “lazy” way marketing

Ingrid GeeIngrid Gee here, helping all you lazy internet marketing peeps out with this post! Ha!

Yes, marketing can be something that takes tedious work, and attention to detail that you don’t have the time to do (or wish to do). So, let’s make every ‘buck’ count and list the few things that can help for your internet marketing strategy that won’t wear you out:

  1. Have two liners. Two sentences that represent exactly what you do, simple and concise. You won’t have to re-write your ‘descriptions’ across your online network. Just get it right the first time and duplicate across your ‘channels’.
  2. Hire a graphic designer. To develop just a ‘few’, if only one key branding piece that you can use across all platforms. Trust me, you will save money and time, yet still look great across your sites.
  3. Integrate social media mgt tools. Multi-social media management can get time consuming. Use programs like to help make your posting, tweeting, linking, etc. efficient.
  4. Utilize free sites. Utilize all the free ‘sites’ available for your multi-channel network. Most programs on line, will have easy to set up templates. These are great ways to get your message out and have your brand ‘logged’ and ‘searchable’ in another area on the internet than just your website.
  5. Use email management programs. Services such as Constant Contact are great ways to have your responses to your target market on ‘auto-pilot’. Subscription forms are easily built, auto responders to new subscribers sent out, all while your busy running your business, these type of platforms keep the emails ‘running’ seamlessly!

There is a lot more to simplify and ease up your work load with marketing, but above are some of the Top 5 ways!

Till next time,
Ingrid Gee, Small Business Internet Marketing Specialist, Blue Dress Marketing, Marketing Developed, Implemented and Managed to Full Circle! Organic Internet Search Engine Specialist.

Blue Dress Marketing is a small business internet marketing specialist. We build powerful internet marketing systems for your brand.


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