MadMen Marketing Company, Boutique Budget

 blue-dress-social-media-marketingBlue Dress Internet Marketing Company is finally opening its doors to clients nationwide this summer! This boutique online marketing and internet consulting firm, once known for its hyper selective method of choosing clientele, is now opening its doors to clients from all industries.  Their patent-pending methodologies are taken directly from the pages of the search engine optimization (or SEO) programming manual. Meaning, campaigns are built to key in the way search engines rank results base on the user.

“There is a reason that our clients are #1, and it is not luck. It’s professionalism. It is also the reason why we are very selective in who we work with. It is an investment on our side as much as it is our clients. Our brand reputation is on the line with every post. We will not back an inferior product, nor a business with poor work ethic. ” said Ingrid Gee, CEO & Founder of Blue Dress Marketing casually as she looks out of her Tennessee loft windows. Her voice is that of a country singer with the presence of a military general.

“There is a very specific formula for success: Hard Work + Creativity + More Hard Work + Proper Decision Making + Strategic Planned Growth = Opportunity (Not success. That comes later). Blue Dress takes the “opportunity” for success and turns it into a marketable brand vision. They offer a quantitative way of letting the right people know that your product is perfect for their needs. Consider us your own little Internet Marketing Department within your business. ”

Visit Blue Dress Internet Marketing Consultants today at for more information how online marketing can help you.

For the latest on how much time, energy, and MONEY your clients spend with social media check out this article from HubSpot from April 2013:

Till next time,
Ingrid Gee, Small Business Internet Marketing Consultant. Blue Dress Marketing, an Internet Marketing Company. Marketing Developed, Implemented and Managed to Full Circle! Organic Internet Search Engine Guru.


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