Tips for Authentic Web Presence

Blue Dress Internet Marketing Company

My Blue Dress™ internet marketing company does not want to be anyone else! We are not a public relations firm, nor are we just a general marketing or advertising company.

We do one thing and we do it right! We provide turn key internet optimization packages and a full authentic online presence. Everywhere and Anywhere You Need to Be Online.™

It is important for any business wishing to send a clear message on line or offline to stay true to who they are and what their products provide. Not falling into get rich gimmicks, or the short way to success tricks. Keeping true to the core premises of what your company is about will reap dividends. If you incorporate this into a well nurtured, well written online garden, rewards come.

Quote of the Day! Don’t try to be an orange when you are an apple.

Fun Fact! Did you know that since 1987 oranges have been the most cultivated fruit tree in the world?

My Top Tips for Authentic Presence:

1. Write down 5 top sentences that are true about your company and product
2. Make sure they actually do explain what you are all about, really expressing what is at the heart and core of your business
3. Look at them daily
4. Publish these truths on your website
5. Hold yourself accountable to these truths about your business and products
6. Do not focus on anything else that takes you off your mission or vision to deliver these truths
7. Publish these truths across a multi channel web presence
8. You have the RIGHT to saturate the internet market to let the world know about the true AUTHENTIC YOU!

Call Blue Dress™ to help you achieve above if you can’t do it or don’t know where to start!

Till next time,
Ingrid Gee, Internet Marketing Consultant. Blue Dress™ Marketing, an Internet Marketing Company. Internet Marketing Developed, Implemented and Managed to Full Circle! Organic Internet Search Engine Guru.

Blue Dress Internet Marketing


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