The Reality of SEO and Internet Marketing Cost

Internet Marketing Consultant

What you need to know for your online presence

Yes, I am an internet marketing specialist, strategist, consultant, company, etc. etc. But, I am passionate first and foremost about my clients and businesses being educated about the truths when it comes to an effective internet marketing plan and strategy.

So, this article is packed full of good things you NEED TO KNOW FOR YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE! (And below is a great link to a Forbes Article on the Truths of SEO Cost!)

With Google’s new Hummingbird Algorithm just released it is no surprise that even more companies and businesses are going to want to ramp up their internet and social media presence. Visit this link Hummingbird and learn more about what you need to do to stay up to speed and not get left behind.

We all understand the content marketing, internet optimization, and social media side take work and time and attention that most business owners don’t have the time or know how, or even desire to do. What has been ignored can no longer be ignored and the winners on the web will be those that create authentic, real content and distribute it across a multi-channel network on line.

I recently came across an article in Forbes talking about When to and When not to Outsource Online Marketing. This article will help you know when it’s best to hire an external consultant and/or independent contractor as well understand the going rates for this highly sought after professional. I suppose what makes us “sought after” is the need for business owners to make sense of something that has grown like wildfire (social, internet and content marketing online). It’s moved so fast that the rules change everyday, it is great to have a professional on your side to help make sense of it all and to keep up with it on your behalf.

We didn’t  make the rules, but they are what they are. As my Dad use to always say “It is What it Is”… So, I suppose this article is my way of saying Hey, Don’t shoot the messenger, I did not make it this way. But, I do care about helping others understand what needs to be done to truly have an authentic full internet presence, that is effective.

Daily I talk with business owners and entrepreneurs that want to shy away from the truth…why they don’t need Search Engine Marketing, Social and Content Marketing or the likes… But I become passionate at that stage in the game. Feeling like the white horse of internet marketing coming in to save them to let them know the facts needed to be competitive in today’s online world.

It is my passion and my pleasure to bring awareness to companies, the value and the need for a flawless authentic saturated internet presence. But not a hollow one. One that is built on substance, truths, authenticity and creates engagement. It just so happens though, when you do it right, you get top of page rank too!

That’s what I love, sharing the authentic truth about a brand or product and doing it to meticulous standards that not only fills that gap of “where do I need to be online”, but also represents their company with flawless impeccable details and powerful top of page rank.

Till next time,
Ingrid Gee, Internet Marketing Consultant. Blue Dress™ Marketing, an Internet Marketing Company. Internet Marketing Developed, Implemented and Managed to Full Circle! Organic Internet Search Engine Guru.

Blue Dress Internet Marketing


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