Hummingbird Finds the Sweet Spot

Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Blue Dress Internet Marketing Helps with Search Engine Optimization

With the release of Hummingbird, Google has made it apparent that companies can no longer ignore social media. And with the implementation of the new Hummingbird algorithm, now more than ever your company needs to work with a skilled Internet marketing team that knows how to put your business everywhere and anywhere you need to be online!™

Why Hummingbird has marketers all-a-flutter

With consumers becoming ever more dependent on search engines to find products and services, it has become more commonplace to enter more conversational type queries into Google or Yahoo! or Bing search engine sites. With a finger on the pulse of consumers’ Internet search behaviors, Google has developed Hummingbird to help better connect consumers and businesses. To put it in terms of numbers, the launch of Hummingbird affects 90 percent of Internet searches.

There are many advantages to the new Hummingbird algorithm. Chief among them is the increased importance social sites play in searches. For instance, social media sites like Google Plus impact the search experience through content sharing, which improves visibility in search results.

There is no doubt that social media sites are becoming ever more important to marketers and to companies’ overall marketing plans. Social media sites such as Twitter, which recently went public,  are becoming invaluable tools to help companies not only connect with consumers, but also rank higher in search engine results.

Finding the Sweet Spot

In the evolution of search engines and social media, Hummingbird utilizes social networking to provide more accurate answers to consumers’ questions. How your company takes advantage of Hummingbird depends, in part, on how visible it is across the social media spectrum. Clearly, social media is not going away and organic social media marketing is becoming an increasingly invaluable source for search engines such as Google. Now more than ever your company needs a strong Internet presence in order to compete in the global market. And Blue Dress™ has the tools to put your business everywhere and anywhere you need to be online!™

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Ingrid Gee, Small Business Internet Marketing Consultant. Blue Dress™ Marketing, an Internet Marketing Company. Internet Marketing Developed, Implemented and Managed to Full Circle! Organic Internet Search Engine Guru.

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