62% Outsource Content Marketing


Quality Content is Important!

The demand for quality content is growing exponentially, as search engines have admitted recently to being heavily weighted in content (including social media, etc.) and the overall semantics of what blogs, websites “mean to portray”. This is now a critical component for any marketing strategy.

The problem however, is companies and brands have not yet caught up with how to produce the amount of quality content that is necessary. It’s now all about real content. True content. As well as frequency of content.

No longer can it be content that is just produced based on high ranking goals. It has to make sense, and it needs to be true to a companies brand, or at least provide value in a ‘parallel’ subject that is useful to a target market.

The exponential shift now is about QUALITY content, not just content.

The goal used to be just cheap search engine optimization (SEO) copy, but TODAY it is imperative to have content that educates and has a role in the “buying process”. Providing the right content, in the right place (digital channels/social and content sites) and in the right search context equals success.

However to be able to do this it takes a much higher level of quality content. It takes thinking of the end consumer (not yourself) and how they will interact with the content. Delivering value and/or something that is relevant that really is WANTED in their life. Education, Entertainment, Resource/Reference, Humor and more.

It all comes down to inbound marketing, not outbound or interruptive marketing.

This shift has happened so fast that most companies have had to outsource these needs just to keep up. As their internal structure is not able to adapt as quickly to fulfill this shift. However even with a huge % of companies outsourcing content production, the amount of money allotted to the budget for this content is not sufficient enough to effectively create the end result desired (adding real engagement with their target market).

Important to Ask yourself: Is your content written in a way that provides the overall answer to any question that might be important to your target market? Being valuable in your content equals engagement that will convert to a customer. It is now on their timetable, when they want to engage. Thus, keeping your content fresh, frequent and valuable is not only necessary but crucial to keep your brand ahead of the game. Keep this in mind for ALL the content you produce.

Don’t Do This: Companies are trying to get away with as little as possible for content, thus end up with low quality, ineffective and in my opinion simply harmful content. Trying to get content cheaply, will equal your brand and company looking “cheap”. The old saying is you get what you pay for and in the content production world this truth remains accurate.

With all these truths it would make sense that companies and brands would spend more money for high quality content to achieve the end result. However, marketing budgets have yet to catch up with what is enviable and what will no longer be able to be ignored.

I predict that in the year 2014 companies will start seeing the reality of our digital marketing world and the importance of adding quality content to this digital world. As well, companies in 2014 will of had enough time to understand the value of high quality content. This value will come to the top of mind and budgets. More money will be put into producing high quality content to really engage a potential customer. The research studies already out there are remarkable, verifying the correlation between effective content and the success it provides for the buying cycle!

Till next time,
Ingrid Gee, Small Business Internet Marketing Consultant. Blue Dress™ Marketing, an Internet Marketing Company. Internet Marketing Developed, Implemented and Managed to Full Circle! Organic Internet Search Engine Guru. ingrid@bluedressinc.me


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