Easy Step By Step Checklist for Developing Authentic Content for Marketing Online!

internet marketing plan

Tips for Developing Authentic Content for Your Internet Marketing Plan

Blue Dress® Internet Marketing knows that any company needs to share true authentic content online frequently in order to be in front of the right target market. But the question remains how do you make it simple to share effective content online?

The simplicity of web marketing various based on the level and depth of internet presence you wish to reach.

Anything worth having or doing is always a bit of work. But if you want to get by with the absolute minimum amount…At a bare minimum any brand or company should have at least 3 social sites, 2 blog and content sites, and 10 profile and feature sites. Of-course one would have their main website as well!

So that brings you to 15 online ‘channels’ you will need to maintain. Because if you build them but do not maintain them frequently then it is better to not have built them at all. My clients however have 5x as much (50+ channels), but that is hard to manage on your own. Especially when your trying to run your day to day business.

So, let’s make it easy for you and start with the Top 15 Online Channels to Build:
Google +
Google Pages
Linked IN
City Search
Google Places
Bing Business
City Square

Now once you have all these set up there is a logical sequence to follow in order to get them fully optimized. First decide what your branding (or graphics) will look like. Keep the branding consistent for instant recognition of your company across all your multi-channel networks. Second write your content for your profiles. Make sure it includes true authentic descriptions that reflect accurately your services/products.

SPECIAL NOTE-Don’t forget to fill out everything. Maps, hyperlinks to all the sites you have built. This is a secret SEO tip!

Frequency of publishing comes next. Be sure to get in the mind of your target market. How do they think? What are they interested in. These are the types of topics you should publish.

SECRET TIP-Publish at least 3x a week to all social sites and at least 1x a week to blog and content sites. Frequency of content that is true to your brand is well received by search engines!

If you have trouble getting all your items in line and have trouble keeping up with your online presence in a consistent fashion, CALL BLUE DRESS® INTERNET MARKETING, we help put you Everywhere and Anywhere You Need to Be Online® and freshly maintain it for you!

Till next time,
Ingrid Gee, Small Business Internet Marketing Consultant. Blue Dress®Marketing, an Internet Marketing Company. Internet Marketing Developed, Implemented and Managed to Full Circle! Organic Internet Search Engine Guru. Everywhere and Anywhere You Need to Be Online®


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