Ingrid’s Video Log: Don’t Get Stage Fright Online

INBOUND MARKETING YOUR VEHICLE TO CENTER STAGE, your microphone (online channels) await

Do you know about inbound marketing? 60% of companies embrace it!

In today’s marketing world everyone is vying for attention. Over stimulated, Over exaggerated, Over marketed…. Just plain “OVER IT” is what your target market is going to tell you if your continuing to do interruptive and annoying advertising.

That is why being online in THE RIGHT PLACE, at THE RIGHT TIME, within THE RIGHT CONTEXT SEARCH is so powerful.

Think about it. Being the one that pulls up when someone is specifically searching for your product/service is an extremely qualified lead. Don’t let someone else steal the stage from you!

Traditional methods of reaching people through interruptive and annoying tactics are disappearing – and those that aren’t are becoming increasingly expensive and ineffective. Further, these high-pressure tactics are counterproductive to building long-term relationships with customers.

In 2013 60% of companies have now embraced Inbound Marketing (Inbound Marketing is when the customer controls their own interaction with your online material). Relating to social media this allows relationships to be created and loyalty to your brand so when it comes time to buy, you are the one they trust and like. When it relates to searches online (rather through social search or Google) you want to be the one that pops up when your market is searching.

Grab that microphone and get on stage! If you need help getting front and center, call Blue Dress® that’s all we do and live to do!

What are the experts saying?

  • It’s a good time to be a customer! Coupled with inbound methodology is the emergence of the customer-centric company. Center your efforts around what the customer wants, not interruptive marketing – HubSpot 
  • Excellence in searching continues to grow for Google. Becoming even more specific to make sure the right content desired by the end “googler” is delivered. Google’s Knowledge Graph with Voice search on desktop and the app delivers exactly the information people need, exactly when they need it. -Google TRY IT HERE! If you haven’t tried Google’s Voice Search on Your PC go    here to download it:
  • Content is still King! All content is not created equal, and it’s going to get noisier” as more and more individuals and companies decide to start blogs or make videos. If you want to get noticed, it’s even more essential to ensure your content marketing is interesting, high-quality, and unique. -Dorie Clark Duke University’s School of Business

We are an Internet Marketing Company creating powerful online plans. Handling your entire internet presence so that Everywhere and Anywhere Online You are beautiful, flawless and engaging. ALL social Sites, ALL profile and feature sites, ALL blog and content sites!…..With our “Turn Key Internet Optimization Program” within 120 days you will have a flawless internet presence and Be EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE YOU NEED TO BE ONLINE® and 99% Guaranteed Organic Top of Page Rankings. CALL US TODAY TO GET OUR FULL CIRCLE COMPLETE INTERNET PRESENCEI’m Ingrid Gee, CEO/Founder Blue Dress® Internet Marketing and I guarantee your fully optimized flawless internet presence. Everywhere and Anywhere You Need to Be Online®

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