Ingrid’s Video Log: Basic Steps for Social Media You Don’t Want to Ignore!

Hi this is Ingrid Gee again with Blue Dress® Internet Marketing Company! I love what I do, so sharing with you content and social marketing tips just comes naturally. Also, look for soon our web video marketing product we are rolling out in early 2014 for super charging your organic SEO campaigns!

Let’s talk about social media marketing. You may have thought in the past it was a luxury instead of a necessity. But I can guarantee now, it’s a necessity not a luxury anymore.

Forrestor Consulting on behalf of Google did a study showcasing the ROI that is for the first time in history finding a significant correlation between consumers who buy simply based on social media. Engaged Social Customers equal Your Best Customers

As well, the study also found that consumers actually find and search out products specifically on social media, not just on the search engines.

This is crazy good. Because these social accounts have no recurring hosting fees….So what are you waiting for?

Get on the bandwagon pick at least 3 (we recommend 12, but we know that’s crazy ambitious for you as you run your company) and get busy optimizing your social media presence.

Here’s the stats for you to chew on about Social Media:

  • Engaged Social Customers equal Your Best Customers
  • Social Media has grown 256% since 2006
  • 85% of US online users are active in social media
  • 37% of people are more likely to buy from and/or refer your brand specifically because they have interacted with you on social sites
  • Social media supports the sale and creates relationships even before they buy
  • Social media is a powerful tool when creating brand purity and clarity of understanding about the value you offer

Let’s face it. It’s a consumer centric digital world we live in. It’s about them. It’s about having the right content, served up at the right time of their search that makes you valuable.

My Top 3 Basic Steps for Social Media:
1. Create a branded design and a specific tagline (that portrays clearly and simply what you are)
2. Build 3 Social Sites. My preference: Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIN (Twitter) tied for 3rd. Duplicate this branded design and tagline across all three.
3. Freshly Maintain, 3x a week minimum, and track like mad the most engaging post to make sure your posting content your target market actually wants!

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Blue Dress Internet Marketing


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