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Blue Dress Internet MarketingBlue Dress® knows digital marketing is becoming more important in advertising campaigns. And, according to Business Insider, digital marketing continues an upward trend in terms of dollars spent by advertisers.

Digital killed the radio….and TV ad stars

While terrestrial radio and TV still have a foothold in the advertising arena, digital continues to see an increase in advertising dollars. Why? Fewer people are watching their favorite shows via traditional television or listening to traditional radio because consumers continue to gravitate to their mobile devices. According to these stats

  • 40% of all YouTube traffic comes from mobile
  • Consumers stay logged in to Facebook longer via both iPhone and Android devices
  • 81% of smartphones are running Google’s Android system

Digital and social media advertising

Facebook has been developing methods to show Facebook ads off Facebook in mobile apps and on mobile sites. The goal is to improve better targeting and provide more relevant ads that people see.

Volvo exemplifies the growing trend toward digital advertising. In 2013, Volvo released an ad on YouTube featuring their line of diesel trucks. Known as the “epic split,” the ad featured 53-year-old Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits across two Volvo trucks driving backwards. Within hours of its release on YouTube, the commercial spread like wildfire across social media.

Consumers continue to turn to their mobile devices for everything from finding the nearest restaurant to comparison shopping for cars, clothes and everything between. There is no denying that mobile has become a key factor affecting purchasing decisions. Almost 50 percent of consumers worldwide list their mobile device as a key media impacting their purchasing decisions. Moreover, approximately 60 percent attribute mobile devices as an important factor in their buying decisions.

Go mobile or go home

Needless to say, mobile media consumption continues to play an influential role in our daily lives, and the trust and reliance on mobile devices will continue to have a significant impact on mobile commerce this year and for the foreseeable future. Companies that are quick to catch on to the need to hop on the bus will be the winners as they convert social media consumers into their brand advocates.

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