What SXSW Teaches Us About Internet Marketing

SXSW, which kicked off March 6, has taken the internet marketing world by storm.SXSW, which kicked off March 6, has taken the internet marketing world by storm. Started almost 30 years ago as a small showcase featuring up-and-coming bands and artists, SXSW has shown the world what internet marketing can do for a brand.

Think Outside the Box

SXSW is the largest music festival of its kind in the world, with more than 2000 performers and bands playing at more than 100 venues across Austin, Texas. SXSW has for years successfully used various social media channels to promote the artists at the festival including its official YouTube Channel.

Emerging media gives your brand the chance to “think outside the box.” You no longer are limited to radio or TV spots, or direct mail pieces or even ads in the Sunday paper. Create your own interactive experience. It’s easy to use social media to create interactive campaigns that will showcase your brand to the world.

Go Big or Go Home

SXSW has evolved from a simple new music showcase to an interactive, multi-media, performance art event that provides a wow experience to attendees. You can do the same with your brand. Think BIG. And remember, big doesn’t have to mean expensive, especially with the myriad social media tools available to you. No one’s going to remember the ordinary. Take an unexpected approach to promoting your brand and campaign.

Create Brand Loyalists

Arguably, word-of-mouth is the best form of publicity. The evolution of social media has put word-of-mouth on steroids. SXSW has done an excellent job of creating a user experience that connects with fans across the globe.

You may not be a multi-media performance festival, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create and cultivate your own brand loyalists. Devise your plan, use social media to execute it, and then step back and let your audience do the rest of the work. Many a new brand has created loyalists at SXSW using such social media sites as Twitter, Foursquare and GroupMe, thanks to social media word-of-mouth arising from interactive festival attendees.

Build Your Brand

There are millions of music festivals across the world, but none as invigorating and talked about as SXSW. While other brands may have considered using social media to increase awareness, SXSW has taken social media by the proverbial horns and run with it – at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods. Take a lesson from SXSW and use social media to set the stage for your brand.

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