How to use Pinterest for Powerful Online Marketing

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Powerful online marketing doesn’t just happen. If you think you simply need a website and a Facebook page, think again. Powerful online marketing comprises many sites and social media tools, and Pinterest has become one of the best sites to help you create brand awareness and connect with your customers.

How to leverage Pinterest to create a powerful online presence

When it debuted in 2010, Pinterest was considered by many to be a type of online hobby site where people shared recipes and craft ideas. Fast forward to 2014 and Pinterest has become one of the most used social media sites in the world. In addition, more than 80% of the 48.7 million global users are women across.

With so many users on Pinterest, isn’t it time you started using it for your business? This popular social site has evolved to include many cool tools designed to help businesses increase brand awareness and generate revenue. Consider trying a couple of these ideas:

  • Create an offer: Use a site like Leadpages to help pull in leads. Decide on your offer, create the lead page and then Pin it. If you are creating a free offer, make sure to include the word FREE on the pin. Also, add a disclaimer on the form that assures customers your company never shares or sells email lists.
  • Create original content: While it is advisable to be as social on Pinterest as you are on other sites and re-pin others’ pins, you definitely want to create original content that you can pin to a variety of boards you have set up on your company’s Pinterest page. Ideally, your page should have 5-10 boards.
  • Create TALL pins: The most powerful pins are visually stunning and taller than other pins because they catch a user’s eye and stand out from other pins on the site.
  • Add a Call-To-Action: This is always important. If you can, add a powerful CTA like “CLICK HERE” to the image itself, or simply add it in the text underneath the image that you pin.

Pinterest recently revamped its mobile website, and according to new data from Piqora, drove 78.4 percent more revenue in January compared to last year. Pinterest is becoming more business-friendly, providing options like visual store fronts to help companies generate more brand awareness. With features like “Rich Pins” and ratings and prices of products it’s not hard to understand how this growing social site can be a great tool in helping your business create a powerful online marketing presence.


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