9 WOW! I Did Not Know Blogging Steps | How to Make Blogging EASY!

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Blogging is easy!

It is hard to come up with great content that your Online Marketing customers and potential prospects will enjoy! Blogging is sort of like going to the gym, it’s hard to get there but once you show up and break a sweat, you are on the way to getting in shape!

You may also compare Social Media Marketing and Online Content Creation like going to the grocery store. Most dread having to go grocery shopping. But, if you are organized, have a list and do the simple task of showing up, you get a cart full of goodies to enjoy!

I have 5 simple blogging rules, that when followed have shown to equal success for my personal online content strategies. I am confident you will see the success too!

Also, since blogging seems complicated for most, see my WOW! EASY 9 Point Checklist When Blogging at the end of this article.


Rule #1
Make blogging an organized systematic approach.
Take the time to create a template and even make an excel list of all the blog topics you want to write about in a month’s time. You may even make a list of a “Blog Series” of topics and sub-topics full of content that you want to share with your target audience that are:

  • Relevant
  • Informative
  • Entertaining
  • But most of all useful for your target audience

Rule #2
Bring the “bacon”.
Meaning bring what matters, don’t just be a “fluffy” blogger without any substance:

  • Utilize online statistics
  • Share valuable research
  • Find experts with proven value and share their insight in your blog
  • Share useful real-world examples

FUN FACT! 72% of marketers think branded content is more effective than advertising in a magazine; 69% say it is superior to direct mail and PR. (NewsCred)

Rule #3
Create a Plan.
The first step on your outline is to create a topic. We recommend just writing a line item list of any and all topics you would like to write about and that focus on your area of expertise. Then create another column on your excel list where you write a bit more of what you will expand on within that topic. This will get your creative juices a jump start when you go back to the list and start to actually write the blog.

Rule #4
Utilize REAL Content for Your Search Engine Strategy
There are certain “key search” terms you want to come up for within searches. However, remember the days of meta-tags and key spammy techniques are gone. It’s the age of semantics and the overall meaning of your content that matter in search rankings. So create content that expands and educates around the certain key searches you desire. Be authentic, be genuine in sharing that content, don’t write it just for the key searches, write it first with the focus to provide REAL genuine content that is valuable. Make that your “meat”. Your side items are how you incorporate those “keys” as a compliment to the main meal (blog article), but not the sole focus of your content. You’ll eventually see GoogleYahoo, and Bing love you.

Rule #5
Hold someone accountable to do it.

Whether it’s holding yourself accountable, or If you have a team that works within your company. Assign a date on your calendar to do it, or in the case of a team effort, assign each team member a blog to write within their expertise and a due date to deliver. Even if it’s a short 250 word blog you give to a teammate, gathering a combined effort within your company will provide a variation of ‘expert’ content to serve up to your audience.

Finally let’s sum all this up and make it easy to implement. Follow this 9 point checklist below and you’ll be on your way to blogging like a pro and even loving it!

1. Get organized
2. Make a list of all blog topics you want to focus on
3. Expand those topics into additional general ideas within those blog topics
4. Assign a due date and a person responsible
5. Make the time in your block schedule to have quite, focused time to write it
6. Publish it
7. Distribute it throughout all online channels
8. Don’t forget to create a call to action (if applies) within the blog (We usually like to do Blog Signatures that have a positive ending statement and where to reach us!)
9. Track your blog, see which topics get the most interaction and respond & adapt quickly to always serve up what people want!

For the love of online marketing-
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