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Open your emails!

Of all the things that you have to do for online marketing, emails are another digital marketing necessity!

Yikes, I know it’s enough just to keep up with your brick and mortar world, much less trying to keep up with the online world, that hides behind your phone and devices.

Never the less, it must be done. The biggest challenge I see my clients face is trying to keep up with a consistent schedule for sending emails. Decide upfront the recurring blast schedule that is best for your audience.

There are 4 things you will need to analyze over time to find the best schedule and plan that fits your specific email audience.

Let’s compare your email marketing analysis like ‘having a baby’. No, it’s not as painful, but it does take 9 months to figure out your best strategy!

Gather data for 9 months for all emails sent. Your success rate is going to be revealed as you monitor the 3 metrics below. Then a smart plan of action can be created.
  1. Open rate
    Yes we want you to open our emails! That’s the plan Stan. How you do this is going to be determined by many factors. Certain days and specific times have shown to gain increased openings. Mondays and Thursdays seem to be the best, as well early mornings and lunch better times to send.But keep in mind! This test is going to be even better, as you will test your specific audience to get even more laser targeted email techniques.
  2. Click-through rate
    As an email marketer, this will be one of the most important things you will need to track. This measures when email receivers click through to hyperlinks on your email and land on another page. You are able to measure areas within the email that have the most interest, as well gain an overall understanding of your email content’s ‘engageability’.
  3. Conversion rate
    Take it one step further with this metric and see how many recipients acted from the call to action areas you designed within the email. This would mean they either purchased something, or provided information requested from that call to action area. This represents a high-level of engagement and interest, and seeing patterns of high interest should be repeated in future email designs.
  4. Bounce rate
    Some people’s emails change and the email that is sent bounces, or never lands in their email box. If you are utilizing an email management program and consistently have high bounce rates, you will want to clean those off the list. Otherwise you can be marked as a spammer and be flagged by the program. Keeping your list clean is important as well for accurate tracking and understanding of exact numbers emailed. Don’t be an over inflater and just have ‘fluff’ that’s going to “email nowhere”.

On a positive note, most email service providers will clean up your list for you so that if an email bounces you don’t have to worry about it for the next go around, as it’s automatically shaved off the list.

Then after you’ve had your “email marketing baby”, take all the data and measure:

  • The highest open day(s) of the week
  • The highest open time(s) of the day
  • The content and call-to-actions creating the highest click through
  • The highest click through day and time

Then based on this above data create a schedule for dates of email blast and best types of content for the blast.

Happy Emailing!

For the love of online marketing-
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