As you take bigger strides towards your end goal, you may sometimes stumble upon wrong and unwise choices. A powerful online marketing plan should therefore be established in order to see lasting, tangible results.  Some brands, especially the starting ones, often neglect to see that there are certain internet strategies and marketing habits that you should and should not do.

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Fostering good marketing habits makes you a more efficient marketer. So, here are some results-oriented habits from Blue Dress® Internet Marketing that you should start practicing now!

1.      Act on it by heart

If you are used to creating emails, social posts and other content as an obligation to your business, then you are doing it wrong. Chances are it will become so evidently loud and your audience will eventually sense the artificiality of it all.

It is important to look at marketing in a proactive light. Your marketing strategies are not just a boring, mandatory routine that drives revenues to your brand – it is much more than that. It should be perceived as a powerful way to genuinely connect to those who are important to your business. It is a dynamic tool to establish authentic, lasting relationships, and not just a trifling instrument solely for self-promotion. Give them something valuable and something that they will truly enjoy such as offers to loyal fans, informative how-tos, tips, and fun, easily- digestible content.

2.      Determine the means to your end

Entering the battlefield without knowing how to approach the enemy is indeed a suicide mission. Those brands that are not clear about their end goals, as well as their means on how to get there are more likely to create an unstable marketing plan. If you are vaguely sending out emails and posts in inconsistent frequency, thoughtlessly picking out irrelevant content to share, and crafting invaluable campaigns and offers then you better pause, step back and begin reevaluating your marketing plan.

3.      Don’t try to be omnipresent

The key to a smart online marketing strategy is to prefer quality over quantity. If you are attempting to be on every possible social media site, then you are just elusively spreading yourself thin across the web.

It is very crucial for a successful brand to pick their battles. Know the right medium to use and the smart resources to tap. By carefully assessing your strategy, you will be able to wisely schedule and invest your time and energy on the right set of marketing efforts.

4.      Customize and personalize!

Never treat your fans as a faceless contact list. Always consider the diversity of your audience and try to customize and add a personal touch to your marketing feats. Offer them treats and campaigns that would personally resonate to them – something that would make sense to your consumers. By doing so, you are nurturing your relationship to them not just in a provider-consumer structure but in a deeper, more meaningful sense.

To Your Best Online!

Ingrid Gee, Internet Marketing Consultant. Blue Dress® Marketing, an Internet Marketing Company headquartered in Knoxville, TN. Internet Marketing Developed, Implemented and Managed to Full Circle! Organic Internet Search Engine Guru. Turn Key Internet Optimization Programs Placing You Everywhere and Anywhere You Need to Be Online®

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