The Psychology Behind Consumer Behavior

Have you ever wondered what makes people tick? Knowing the answer to this question can help you craft a powerful online marketing plan that is in sync with the workings of people’s complexly wired minds. Blue Dress® Internet Marketing will give you a crash course to one of the most important disciplines ever recognized– psychology. Being the science that studies behavior, Psychology’s principles can help you gain a deeper understanding on how people operate. Say, in content marketing, how will you know if your content is persuasive if you have no idea why it would be persuasive to your audience in the first place?

Powerful Online Marketing Plan

Psychology’s principles can help you gain a deeper understanding on how people operate

Below, we list some relevant concepts in Psychology that will help you understand why people think and act the way do. By knowing these principles, you can then establish a fortified marketing plan and deliver effective marketing efforts that will surely attract more people to your brand.

1.      Priming
You marketing efforts can benefit largely from this particular concept in psychology—the priming effect. Now, how is this psychological concept relevant to your consumers buying stuff online?

Priming, by definition, is “an implicit memory effect in which exposure to a stimulus influences a response to a later stimulus.”

Simply put, a consumer’s behavior can be unconsciously manipulated and persuaded by presenting influential factors early on. If you present a particular element to your consumer such as color, chances are their behavior later on will be unconsciously affected by the color that they saw. If a person sees the color yellow or even the word “yellow”, the faster that person will recognize the word “banana”. Why so? Because these elements are closely associated with each other.

How can you use this principle to better improve your marketing strategies? An example found in Psychology Today states:

“When users were asked to choose between 2 products in the same category (such as an Audi or a Lexus – both cars), they found that visitors who had been primed on money (the website’s background was green with pennies on it) looked at price information longer than those who had been primed on safety. Similarly, consumers who had been primed on comfort looked at comfort information longer than those primed on money.”

These subtle manipulations can amazingly influence how people receive your brand. Getting your consumers to direct their attention to the strengths of your product can absolutely increase conversions, or (better yet) sales.

2.      Social proof/conformity
People, by nature, tend to follow the herd. When something clicks for the majority, they also jump in the bandwagon. Of course, who would want to miss the next big thing? Social proof suggests that a person’s behavior is greatly influenced by other people’s behavior. Some even consider social proof as the new marketing.

Almost all brands are using this online marketing tactic because people naturally trust the majority. A stunning number of shares, re-tweets, likes, user reviews, star ratings, statistics, and even expert and celebrity endorsements are all a proven marketing strategy that attracts potential customers and pulls people toward availing a particular product and service.

3.      The decoy effect
This particular concept is most often used in pricing models. The decoy effect occurs when a consumer is expected to choose between two options, and a change in preference occurs when a third option that is asymmetrically dominated is presented.

Say, if you have two subscription options in your landing pages, you can increase the chance of a consumer choosing the dominating option (the pricier subscription) by presenting a decoy. For example:

Offer A (ebook subscription): $99
Offer B (webinar subscription): $199
Offer C (eBook and webinar subscription): $199

If you are to choose between offer A and C, chances are you would choose offer A because of the price difference. But when offer B is presented, you’d probably be blown by the idea of having to get both eBook and webinar subscriptions (offer C) for the same price as that of offer B—thus, you’d choose the dominating option which is offer C.


The Psychology of Social Marketing

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