Online Marketing – Kick It Up A Notch By Taking Advantage Of These Trends!

Flawless Saturated Internet Presence 

The tremendous growth of online marketing for the past years has been a motivation for many marketers today. The changing faces of internet marketing have greatly revolutionized how brands connect with their consumers by using individualized insights while establishing a flawless, saturated internet presence. With the ballooning number of Internet users around the globe, online marketing is at its prime to date. According to ITU, the number of Internet users will have doubled in 5 years, from 974 million in 2009 to 1.9 billion in 2014.

Blue Dress® Internet Marketing presents these 3 of the major trends of marketing today. Plus, we will give you hints on how to make the most of them!


1. Leverage digital solutions!

The digital world today has conquered the market across all kinds of businesses. More and more businesses are redirecting their resources that would cater the demands of the world online. In fact, in a survey conducted by Econsultancy on 2013, 55% of international marketers are keen to increase their digital marketing spend. These investments may even hit up to 50% of the company’s total marketing budget by 2019.

Marketers are expected to leverage future data collection and analytics to get the most out of this growing trend. Reaching out to the enormous number of audiences through digital communications can be done efficiently if marketers leverage their marketing solutions for data collection and analytics in the near future. With time going by so fast, businesses must be adept to adapt to the trends of the evolving market.

So how can you make the most out of this? Recently, brands are jumping in the bandwagon of a popular trend of game-like marketing campaigns. By allowing the consumers to interact with the brands through contents and competitions, they are increasingly transitioning to a deeper provider-consumer relationship. Giving the consumers an optimal digital experience, user engagement and brand awareness are certainly trudging the right direction.

2. Mobile is the new playground

In a study conducted last year, 60% of Internet activities by users from the U.S. are from mobile devices. In the tech-filled generation today, almost everyone is on their smartphones — and it’s clear to understand that this is a profitable playground for modern marketers. There are roughly 1.75 billion smartphones all over the world, and if you are not yet convinced that mobile is the new marketing arena, then you must have missed the memo.

The same questions pops up — how can you make the most of the mobile-centric world? Many brands today are utilizing the Geolocation features in mobile phones. Through these, your target audiences are just within your reach and only a push notification away.

3. Social — the heart of marketing!

If your business has not gone social yet, then you’re facing the wrong side of the wall. Social networking channels today are a standard medium to effectively reach your consumers. In a study done in 2015, 59% of marketers are spending 6 hours of their time per week on social media sites.

If you have an engaging story to tell, take that to your social channels. If you have a nice offer for your target audience, present that on your social channels. Wherever your customers go, you go. Did you know that 71% of social media users are likely to buy something from those they are following on Twitter or Facebook? So if you want to increase sales, convert leads, and boost reach, place social media marketing at the heart of your online marketing plan.

Online Mobile Marketing Truths

To Your Best Online!

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