3 Keys to One on One Engagement with Consumers

When approaching digital marketing and building your online marketing strategy, adding a personal touch is imperative. It’s now more important than ever to factor in direct consumer engagement, and if this is something you’re not currently doing, or haven’t considered before, then it’s time to build it in to your powerful online marketing plan. We’re here today to give you some advice on how to do this.

With the wide variety of tools available to us in this day and age, there’s more opportunity than ever before to engage on-to-one with our customers and consumers, so if you’re not employing at least some direct consumer engagement, ask yourself why? Many people enjoy feeling like they’re being addressed on a personal level, and implementing direct consumer engagement in your online marketing strategy could prove key to your business flourishing and enjoying high levels of success.

Step 1: Collecting and curating user-level data
According to research conducted by Forrester, 68 percent of consumers have indicated that the utilization of cross-channel integration of data for their customer profiles was either “important” or “very important”. This implies convenience for your consumer is key to them signing up to your website and offering their demographic data to you for collection.

Making use of a tag management system data layer in your online marketing strategy will allow you to collect and standardize first-party consumer data (i.e. data collected by yourselves) across multiple domains and digital properties, allowing you to gain a clear view of your consumer and their behavioral, attitudinal and demographic data.

In a nutshell; this means that if you know your consumer, your direct consumer engagement is going to be much more effective.  Collecting and curating user-level data should be an integral aspect of your digital marketing.

Step 2: Unifying your data
Now that you’ve collected and curated your user data, what do you do with it?

Unifying your data is an important next step in your online marketing strategy. You’ll need to create a “single source of truth” about consumer behavior across different channels and different devices, (e.g. mobile, desktop, in store) that can be made available to third-party marketers to use on your behalf.

In short, you need to manage and unify your data to enable digital marketing decisions to be made at user-level.

Step 3: The creation of individual user profiles

User-level data that is generated across a number of devices and digital platforms is used to build profiles that can then be built upon, enriched and further updated.

It is at this point that data that’s generated on digital platforms can be allowed to integrate with offline data. Offline data can consist of systems that manage customer relationships, point-of-sale and various relationship management systems for customers. This utilization of digitally collected and curated data with consumer engagement systems is ideal for on the spot consumer targeting and direct personalization.

Secrets to Success for Engaging Customers – Engage Customers Online


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