10 Tips for Driving Engagement Using Email and Social Media

Partnering email and social media as an element of your online marketing plan is a great way to drive engagement and see real benefits in your business and internet marketing. Using social channels as a means of conversation with your customers and really cementing your branding, a email to follow this up and convert those conversations into customers is essential to driving engagement and getting the most from your powerful online marketing plan. Here are ten tips for successfully driving engagement with simple tools you use every day.

1.       Opt-In on Facebook
Covert your social media engagement on Facebook to email by either; adding a custom tab to your Facebook page allowing followers to connect to your email program, or use a “Sign Up” button which will direct them to your website. It’s worthwhile trying out both to see which benefits your engagement the most. Neither of these will work on mobile, so make sure you put a link and an enticing description in your “about” so your followers will be tempted to click it.

2.       Promote “opt-ins” on social channels
Post newsletter articles with “subscriber only” exclusive offers to let non-subscribers know what they’re missing. No one likes to miss out, and this may tempt them to subscribe.

3.       Use emails to promote social campaigns
Use your newsletters to tell subscribers about social promotions. These will give you more exposure, and can get your hashtag out across different social media platforms. This allows you to inject personality and creativity into your newsletters, helping you stand out and drumming up conversation and attention.

4.       Repost popular social media content in emails
Give your social media content more exposure by promoting it in your newsletters – recognising influencers will act as something of a reward, and encourage them to continue promoting you, even indirectly. Include consumer-generated buzz posts in your newsletters to show them to other subscribers.

5.       Put your icons where they’ll be seen
Front and center is far more likely to be seen than at the bottom of a template. Take advantage of this and put your icons where they’ll be seen for the best results

6.       Send out stand-alone emails inviting consumers to connect with your social media channels
Explain the benefit and value of following you on these channels, and include things like your blog, and any member forums, etc., if you have them.

7.       Spotlight focus on videos and blog content
Use specific emails and social media posts to highlight particular videos and blog posts, this will help you boost traffic and brand awareness, as well as creating a buzz around your content, while giving you quick content to share in newsletters and standalone.

8.       Share fun, creative and shareable content!
Send an email that’s creative and fun, that your users will want to share! Don’t limit yourself, just create, make it relevant and send it out.

9.       Facebook Custom Audiences/ Twitter’s Lead Generation/ Website Cards
If you’re looking to build brilliant audience and reach, then you might have to spend some money. Try paying Facebook and Twitter for their advertising tools, or try a website card which can allow both followers and non-followers to your website.

10.   Invite un-subscribers to follow your social media
Just because they’re unsubscribing from your newsletter doesn’t mean they want to cut ties completely. Use the unsubscribe confirmation as an opportunity to invite them to follow your social channels for further engagement opportunities.

Writing Great Content for Blogs and Emails

To Your Best Online!

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