10 Golden Rules for Social Media Marketing

When it comes to developing a flawless saturated internet presence through your online marketing planyou can’t afford to underestimate the impact of content and social media marketing. However, it’s not enough to simply wade in at the deep end and hope for the best, let’s understand how it works! With that in mind, take into account these ten golden rules for social media marketing when developing your online marketing plan, and you’ll really see the benefit.

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1.       Paying attention
Ensuring the success of your social media marketing and general online marketing will largely come down to how well you listen, and pay attention to your target audience. Engaging in conversation and learning what they’re reading and talking about will be invaluable and allow you to be engaged to their needs.

2.       Hone in
Trying to do everything will do nothing more than make you mediocre. Now, we do a lot online, but we have a lot of resources to make every online channel pop! If you are managing your own online channels we recommend to focus one a few select one or two that you know can be managed to full perfection and be given the time and attention to represent you properly. You’ll see far greater returns and a more refined brand than you would if you tried to spread yourself too thin.

3.       Make it count
This applies to both your followers and what you post. Make sure you’re posting quality content, engaging in quality interaction with your audience. If it’s not relevant, informative, motivational, inspiring, or useful to your target audience, do not post it.

4.       Don’t hold your breath
Just like anything that’s worth putting work into, your social media marketing, and online marketing as a whole, will take time. Rome was not built in a day and in today’s over-saturated digital world you will not make a dent in creating a following with short lived effort. Keep at it, keep putting plenty of work into it, and be patient.

5.       Create a community
Create amazing content that people will share with others and develop your own loyal community to shares and re-distributes your juicy tid-bits to other. Keep it engaging and think of creating ‘your’ online community and there will be a whole host of ways people can find you online without any extra effort from yourself.

6.       Engage with influencers, and prove your worth
You’ll need to spend some time building a back catalogue of quality content to even begin this process; but work out who the major influencers are in your market, engage with them. Prove to them that you’re a quality source of information and material, and maybe they’ll share your content with a huge audience of their own.

7.       Make your content valuable
Going for the hard sell 100% of the time will get you nowhere; people will lose interest, and the audience that you’ve worked hard to build up will quickly dwindle. Add some value into what you’re posting: be informative, share other peoples’ content, you will be tagged in their post feed – thus gaining exposure to all their followers too!

8.       Build relationships
No matter who it is, if someone reaches out to you online, they’re a valuable asset. Be that as a consumer, a partner, a service provider – anything. If someone reaches out to you, engage and build a relationship, even if you can’t see the immediate value of it. There’s no use neglecting the “social” aspect of social media.

9.       Be present
Don’t hit publish and then scamper – be present to reply to comments, acknowledge shares and converse about your content. People don’t like to feel like they’re being ignored or engaging with a faceless entity, so put yourselfbehind your content and social media.

10.   Reciprocate
Ensure you’re doing for others what you would like them to do for you. Fully immerse yourself in the community, get chatting, share content, and prove that you’re worth peoples’ time beyond the content you’re posting.

That’s all there is to it! Just a few simple additional steps (which you might even be doing without realizing it anyway) and you’re well on your way to developing and retaining an excellent social media audience.

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To Your Best Online!

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