Five Ways You Can Get the Most from Your Word of Mouth Marketing

word of mouth

As Internet strategy consultantsour conversations on marketing mostly include a strong focus on our online marketing planIt is relevant to ensure your online marketing is at the top of its game but it’s equally important not to forget the importance of word of mouth marketing. After all, whom do you naturally turn to for recommendations? Family and friends! Nowadays, it’s inevitable that there will be a certain amount of online marketing involved even in your word of mouth campaign, purely because that’s how we communicate now – but here are five ways you can get the most from your word of mouth marketing.

1. Specifically Identifying Your Target Audience
You’ll always get further in any marketing campaign by specifically identifying your target audience, and catering directly to them. Create conversations about your product or service, and ensure that everything you’re posting, or at least a good portion of it, is relevant to your target audience in particular.

It is more likely that your target audience is going to talk to their family and friends, who are also part of your target audience. There’s little that people trust more than the opinions of their friends and family members.

2. Make it personal
People love personal attention, and making your marketing campaign personal by adding an emotional touch is sure to work in your favor when it comes to increasing your building and engagement. There are many ways you could do this, but it’s always best to ensure that your approach is always genuine.

3. Get involved in the community
Not every company and brand will have the means or the opportunity to get involved in communities away from their local society, but most will be able to get involved in their own one way or another. Whether that be taking part in charity events or getting involved with local schemes for the youth or elderly, or simply networking with other businesses to share your story and learn about theirs.

4. Give people a talking point
People love to talk, and surely talking is the whole point of word of mouth marketing. Unfortunately, if you’re not giving your customers something to talk about, your word of mouth marketing campaign is just going to fall flat on its face. Give people a talking point by:

  • Offering exceptional service, or product, that’s as unique to you as possible
  • Give a fantastic customer service that is unparalleled in your industry. People remember being treated well, but they remember being treated badly even more. Don’t let your reputation fall at the first hurdle.
  • Engage in frequent, genuine conversation with your customers and social media audience.
  • If your business and profit margins allow, run competitions and promotions to get people further involved and spread the word.

5. Make it easy for customers to share their opinion
Whether it’s a really good service, or a really bad one, people will want to share their opinion. Reviews are an essential element of word of mouth marketing, and making it a pain for your customers to leave reviews will prove detrimental to your campaign.

Often when seeking a new product or service, people will search reviews before committing to anything, so encouraging them to leave reviews and making the process a simple one will go a long way in backing up your word of mouth marketing.


Word of Mouth Marketing Truths

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