Top 3 Marketing Challenges To Overcome in 2016

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There are a lot of young players in the online marketing world and they are all full of motivation and willingness to stay on top of their game. To be a successful marketing professional this year, you, too, will have to seek fresh ideas and experiment on new tactics.

To maintain your business’ marketing edge, in 2016 here are 3 challenges to overcome:

1. Changes in the consumer-marketer relationship
The evolution of media culture has made it harder for marketers to build and strengthen connections with their customers; it now takes more research, testing, and hard work.

Writing an article won’t guarantee readers. In online marketing, you must now find more ways and spend more money to get your article out there. Your content must be interactive and interesting enough for consumers with short attention spans to stick with it.

The internet of things is very helpful once utilized properly. Everything you need to know about your market is out there. With a vast supply of data, you just have to learn how to play it to your advantage.

2. Changes in search-engine algorithms
SEO is something that never gets boring. Why? Because it never really stays the same. Once a consumer types in keywords, the search engine is your biggest bet to getting top of the list and buying those leads.

Because it is always changing, it is best to not focus all your resources into SEO and relying on it for traffic. Be sure your website and social media pages are just as strong to keep your online presence solid. Besides, we all know that social media platforms are definitely breaking into the advertising and marketing world through paid ads, click, views, and more – giving marketers more opportunities to get heard.

3. The need for diverse marketing
Yes, the goal is to bring the consumers to you. But it’s just as smart to market where they already are. We’re talking about virtual reality.

Tapping into this technology can do wonders for your brand. As online marketing evolves, this offers a whole other level of marketing evolution. Since it’s new and said to be worth the wait, it is expected that marketing through virtual reality won’t come cheap. Just remain open to new ideas and opportunities and weigh out your brand’s priorities – this way, you can be more forward-thinking and ready to take on the challenges that 2016 has to offer.


To Your Best Online!

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Top 3 Marketing Challenges To Overcome in 2016


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