6 Ways Reviews Can Boost A Startup Business

Internet marketing and social media play an important role in helping a startup boost their business when done correctly. One important aspect that often gets overlooked, but should be in forefront, is customer reviews.

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Here are 6 reasons why Customer Reviews are important:

1. Getting Investors

As a startup, getting investors is an important step. Before an investor agrees to put their money down, they’ll do some research. Be sure that when they do, they’ll see how much customers love you.

Multiple genuinely happy reviews (because they have an eye for fake ones) are a major plus when trying to make a good impression. However, if you happen to receive some bad reviews, be sure to quickly respond in a professional manner so investors see you are committed to satisfying your customers.

2. Driving Conversions

Let’s say you have a satisfied set of 50 customers. Being able to convince all 50 of them to leave positive reviews can really boost your company profile.

By looking the part, you can drive in more prospective customers.

3. Press

Press is a huge asset; it creates awareness and curiosity – it can drive prospective customers and investors in. It’s likely that journalists will seek out your reviews for a customer-based perspective of your company. Ensure that your customer reviews will show a side of your company that you will be happy to have published.

4. Social Proof

Social media can be a powerful thing. When happy customers write a review, be sure to share it on your social media channels so you remind fans and followers of your quality product and service. Prospective customers will also be more inclined to trust you when they see social proof.

5. Identifying Brand Advocates

Marketing can be quite costly and finding budget-friendly ways to get your brand out there never hurts. Try reaching out to your most enthusiastic reviewers, thanking them by sending freebies, and building a relationship.

By targeting individuals and having them share a happy experience with you, their social circle and following will eventually know about you too!

6. Fitting In

Reviews can help you see what your strengths are and where you can improve. Look for a pattern in your reviews and make changes based on them. Listening to your audience can help your product/ service satisfy a strong market demand.

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6 Ways Reviews Can Boost A Startup Business


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