A New Program for LinkedIn to Help Make More Effective Business Decisions

LinkedIn’s New Feature:

Premium Insights
LinkedIn is creating a new edition to their platform. This new program will be part of the Premium Experience will be called Premium Insights. The Premium Insights Program will allow you to do anything from watching the growth of a company to keeping up with competitors in the same industry. LinkedIn is now providing you the potential to make better business decisions in a very timely manner. LinkedIn is home to over 450 million users and this update helps you find what you need in a more efficient manner.

Who has access?
Premium Insights is only available to certain levels of users. These levels include the Business Plus, Talent Solutions, and Sales Navigator. This program will provide many answers with minimal effort from the user. For certain professions, this can obviously be a great reason to upgrade your LinkedIn account.

What Premium Insights Shows:

How Many Employees
If you are a salesman or a recruiter, the stats provided by this program could help with time management and making the right decisions when it comes down to company growth. The program will start by showing the total employee count at a company. It will not just list the number, but will also provide diagrams and charts to show how the company has progressed. This is not only a great knowledge base but it can also be used to show the possibility of business partners as well as investment targets.

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Employee Distribution by Function
This Premium Insights feature will show how a company is structured. It will show the potential growth as certain areas will obviously grow slower or faster than other areas of the business. You can see employee distribution of any department from human resources, product management, to the engineering team numbers.

New Hires
This new feature will show outsiders how many new hires companies are bringing on. It will show this in regards to the level of the particular hire as well as the new areas that they are growing. This will give people outside the company the ability to see if a company is becoming a breakout company.

The Notable Alumni
Part of the program will specifically highlight the former talents that have moved up the ranks and into other companies. This feature allows you to watch where these talents have moved, and watch their companies since they have a strong possibility of success.

Total Job openings
Premium Insights will allow you to see the company’s job postings. There are over 5.3 million job openings on LinkedIn, and this program will allow you to sift through those more effectively. This like many of its’ other features will show the current growth of the company and where they are looking to grow. The job opening feature will also categorize based on the function within the company itself. It will show the previous months’ openings as well as the new positions and how long they have been posted.

Premium Insights
Premium Insights is a program that is going to provide limitless knowledge to the people who choose to pay for that level of LinkedIn. There is the possibility for people to now do the research in LinkedIn to find the next “big” company that might be about to “break out”. This program undoubtedly provides an incredible amount of information, and will also allow for people to make smarter decisions in a timely manner.

To Your Best Online!

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