Best Social Media Practices to Boost Your Conversions

Internet Marketing Consultant

A proper social media strategy is the most important part of creating social channels. Strong and consistent content is what brings views, interactions, shares, likes and leads. A step by step strategy matching the needs of that social platform can bring great results.

Start at the Beginning

Have a fully planned strategy in order to be consistent with posting. Each of your newly created social accounts should serve a different purpose. This means your content for each account should be unique.

Build Fans and Followers

Consistency is key when it comes to posting. Once you have your content strategy in order, make sure you are consistently updating and posting on your account in order to maintain healthy engagement with your audience. Companies who are unable to keep up with their social media accounts appear uncommitted to the reputation of their brand.

The number of posts you should make depends on the nature of your business and the type of account you post on. For instance, 1 or 2 posts may be good for Facebook but you need at least 5 or 6 for Twitter. For quicker and quieter channels look into Instagram and snap chat where a call to action is not required, but you can still build great relationships with your audience.

Use the Proper Tools to Market to the Right People

Social media is considered a free marketing platform in the world of digital marketing. Unfortunately, it’s not entirely true. You have to spend a little in order to boost your posts and promote your content (also known as sponsored posts). These are especially helpful when you have a new social account and need the attention of your targeted audience.

If you choose to invest in any social media platforms, you need to go through their terms and conditions to understand how a particular platform works. Every social media platform has a different way of handling paid ads and promoting your paid content. You should keep in mind the pros and cons of each platform’s paid ads to see if they will work for you not.

Increase Engagement by Connecting With Your Audience

Online marketing works best when you have a connection with your prospects. Publishing content and graphics that relate to them goes a long way in showing them with who you are. Give them a peek into your agency and how it works. Share with them how you work and who your team members are. Make them virtually familiar with your work ethics by posting relevant content that gives them an idea of why they can trust you.

Measure Engagement/Reach

People have different expectations associated with different social media channels. It is important to understand what your audience wants. 70% of people on twitter require a faster response and 53% of them require a response within an hour or so. Even on Facebook, there is a tab that represents how responsive you are and a delay in your responsiveness can actually hurt your brand’s reputation.

Social channels give people a way to connect to brands in a faster way compared to emails and other communication channels.

React – Hone Your Social Marketing Campaign

Know what you show. Your company’s actions speak as much about your brand as anything you actually produce. If you want to create a brand for a refined audience, make sure your activities and marketing plans demonstrate intricacy.
To Your Best Online!

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Best Social Media Practices to Boost Your Conversions


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