All Social Videos Are Not Created Equal

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You’re probably aware by now that videos are dominating social media marketing. Facebook alone averages over 8 billion video views a day, and across the globe over 50% of marketing professionals identified that videos have the best engagement. It’s not just Facebook anymore, almost every social media platform has some sort of video option, and all of them are seeing high consumption and engagement.

So How Can You Get in the Game?
Many people think that producing valuable video content is expensive. Thankfully it’s quite the opposite, you don’t have to have expensive gear or editing equipment to produce engaging video content. However, every platform is different and understanding how to approach each one is crucial. Here are some tips on how to create videos for 5 of the biggest social media outlets.

Facebook – The Biggest Reach
When you think of Facebook videos, think shareable. Facebook has approximately 1.51 billion active monthly users, and the primary reason for using Facebook is escapism. So, you want your videos to be focused on share-ability. Think fun, emotionally connecting, and entertaining. Consider the videos that you enjoy watching on Facebook the most, or maybe the last one that you shared, chances are it was something that moved you to either laughter or tears.

Here are a few tips to Facebook video:

  • The majority of videos are video without sound so add captions
  • It only takes 3 seconds for it to count as a view, so grab the audience from the start
  • Use a high-resolution format, 720p or 1080p ideally
  • Make sure the video is exported in its original format
  • Make the Headline count!

YouTube – The King of Video
Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine? The only search engine that’s bigger is Google, who just so happens to own YouTube. That stat alone tells you something important about the role of YouTube, people are on that platform for discovery. Whether it’s to find an instructional video, information, education, or to watch someone else’s experience, YouTube is all about videos that add value. By using YouTube, your content can be easily shared and embedded, but additionally, it is searchable and discoverable.

Here are a few additional points to consider:

  • Captions, having your videos captioned can greatly increase your views
  • A fourth of viewers will watch less than 10 seconds, so make the opening count
  • Descriptions and tagging are crucial, not just for discovery, but ranking as well
  • 720p or 1080p HD, high resolution, always

Snapchat – The New Kid on the Block
Snapchat’s entire concept is based on capturing “right now”. While the product has expanded with Stories and Memories to share older content, the driving factor behind the platform is sharing what is fresh and raw. Currently, there are over 10 billion videos viewed each day on Snapchat. At it’s present stage it is an ideal platform for influencers, or brands that have engaging behind the scenes content.

A few key takeaways for Snapchat video:

  • A third of Snapchat videos are watched with no sound, so add text or drawings
  • Almost a fourth of viewers will leave after the first snap, so make it count
  • No landscapes, record and share in vertical format since that is how it will be consumed
  • Variety is key for retention, your audience doesn’t want to see the same thing over and over again, so keep it interesting

Instagram – For the Visual Fan
Instagram’s entire platform is hinged on a picture communicating more than text alone. With the addition of Instagram Stories, your video content has even more reach than before. You can still upload videos to your feed for anyone to see at any point, but the stories feature creates a whole new world of opportunities. Both options require a similar approach with a few key differences.

What you should know:

  • Videos on Instagram require you to click the video to enable sound, so keep that in mind when crafting content
  • Instagram is all about eye-catching content, keep your videos quality and feel on track with the quality of the images you would normally post
  • Don’t forget to hashtag, hashtagging adds a nice boost to your video views
  • With Instagram Stories there is still a 24-hour rule, but you create videos on your computer and upload them to your phone and it will still fall under the 24-hour timeframe

Twitter – The Secret Weapon
We don’t typically think video when we think of Twitter, but the platform has continued to develop it’s video feature. Twitter is all about what’s happening now and one on one connections. Twitter video can be highly valuable in capturing the feelings of the moment, or make a direct connection count and feel far more personal.

Optimizing your Twitter videos:

  • Videos with people in them receive much higher engagement, so get personal
  • Story-telling is important, keep your content succinct
  • Don’t overlook entertainment, a video that seeks to entertain will boost your re-tweets
  • Videos are limited to 140 seconds and cannot be bigger than 512mb
  •  MP4 and MOV video format

Final Thoughts
You don’t have to get expensive gear to make your videos effective, most cell phone cameras will do the trick, although the newer iPhone’s 4k video is preferable. It’s important to consider which platforms right for you or your brand. Consider the audiences intent for using that platform and what kind of value you can bring to them by sharing videos. The number one trick, is to get started, it might not come across perfectly at first, but if you keep up the effort you will find the right method and stage for your video content.

To Your Best Online!

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All Social Videos Are Not Created Equal


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