Making the Most of Your Reach

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Certainly, you are aware of the value your business can receive from an active presence on Facebook. Maybe you’ve been pumping out content for a while but you’re still not getting your organic reach to the point you want it to be at. Of course, you have the option of paid ads but we all know that organic reach is far more effective. Your audience is aware of the “sponsored” indication on paid ads and therefore they are less likely to engage. Thankfully, there are tactics you can employ to boost your organic reach to new heights.

Three Actions to Boost Your Reach

1. Be Visually Committed
Images and videos, period. It sounds simple enough but there are real reasons behind this. You have several options as to the format of content that you can post:

  1. Plain Text
  2. Link Preview
  3. Shared posts
  4. Image (with or without text and/or link)
  5. Video (with or without text and/or link)
  6. Live Video

The whole goal behind Facebook’s algorithm is to create the experience that people want and will enjoy. To that end, Facebook’s algorithm will automatically boost the content with the highest likelihood of increased engagement. Text alone offers the least amount of possible engagement and live video offers the most.

Notes on Visual Content
Link preview is one of the more popular types of content to share, however, it does not create the highest engagement opportunity. The reason for this makes sense once you understand it. Link previews send people to exterior websites and off of Facebook. Facebook, of course, wants you to remain on their platform, so a link out will not get as much of a visibility boost. Thankfully, there is a way around. Instead of posting just a link preview, post your own graphic instead and post the article link as text. Achieving this is simple too, upload your image first and then add your text afterward.

Another item not to forget is hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to boost your organic reach. It will take some playing around with and observation to get it right, but by adding a hashtag people can find your content based on existing preferences. Remember when selecting a hashtag to use to find a balance between trending too high or too little. If no one is searching a hashtag then it obviously won’t work, but if too many people are searching a hashtag your content might get lost in the mix.

2. Consistency and Quality
Quality first and always. There are a lot of different ideas surrounding what is quality content, but the short answer is to know your audience. Remember, they are not on Facebook to find you, they are there to escape. They are going to engage with content that meets their interests and everything else they will simply scroll past. Here are a few items to consider regarding your audience that you can apply directly to the type of content you post:

  1. Snackable or Mealtime – Depending on your audience’s age range or profession, the depth of content they will be after will vary. Typically for younger demographics brief, to-the-point and enjoyable content is the way to go. However, if you are posting for an older or more professional audience, then more in-depth content could be key.
  2. Correlation – Although you know by now that you want to post content that is for your audience’s interests, you do want it to be connected with your brand. If you run an automotive repair shop, cat videos may not be your best bet, but cats driving cars might do just fine.
  3. Branding/Cohesiveness – Whether you are posting for your personal brand or your business cohesiveness throughout your content is key. In order to achieve effective branding, you need to ensure that the content you post feels like it is coming from you. Too much variation could alienate your audience.
  4. Purpose for Consumption – Is your audience more interested in information or entertainment? Either will work, but knowing what your audience enjoys more and what connects with your brand best is crucial.

Once you have a plan for the type of content you will be sharing, the next step is to be consistent. If you are only posting once a week your content will get lost in a sea of posts. Once people have found you and connect with your content they will look forward to seeing what you share. Too much of a lag in posting will give another brand the opportunity to step in and take your spot.

3. Optimize Your Instagram Opportunity
First, make sure the right Facebook and Instagram pages are linked together. Once you’ve ensured that, the last trick to expanding your reach is to post on Facebook through Instagram. Why this works to boost your reach is fairly straight forward. For Instagram posts visuals are your only option, and since Facebook owns Instagram the algorithm is naturally inclined to boost content coming from their own sister-entity. The other things to consider with this method are the best time to post, caption length, and hashtags. Be mindful of what will work best for each platform. You can always add hashtags or additional caption text to the comment section of your Instagram post if you feel it does not fit your Facebook strategy.

Time to Boost Away
The right content is always key, and giving your content every chance to be seen is vital. Just because we enjoy social media casually on our own time it doesn’t mean that achieving an effective social presence is equally easy. It’s going to take planning, hard work, and a creative vision. Be aware of your audiences intent and interests and don’t be afraid to experiment. Lastly, remember that videos and visuals are where it’s at, limit the number of link previews you share, and stay consistent with your posting.

To Your Best Online!

Ingrid Gee, Internet Marketing Consultant. Blue Dress® Marketing, an Internet Marketing Company headquartered in Knoxville, TN. Internet Marketing Developed, Implemented and Managed to Full Circle! Organic Internet Search Engine Guru. Turn Key Internet Optimization Programs Placing You Everywhere and Anywhere You Need to Be Online®

Making the Most of Your Reach – Organic Content Marketing

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