Content Curation for Social Media

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What is curation? Think of an art curator, they didn’t paint anything, but they’ve put together a group of art pieces that are in cohesive in one way or another. If the curator does a good job then people will respect them for their ability to find good art and will look forward to seeing their next display. Similarly, in social media, curators might not be originating their own content, but if the content they aggregate is consistently high value, they will build an audience on that alone.

Why is this? There is so much content online, you could spend hours searching one topic and still feel unsure if you have found the best or newest content on that topic. Content curators are gifted at finding and packaging content that brings their audience the most value. By following a content curator who is good at their craft you are able to access the best content and information, without having to spend hours searching.

Who Should Use Content Curation
Content curation can serve any business or brand. To understand why you must remember the difference between giving and asking. Asking for business all the time is not going to work on social media. Your audience is on social media for themselves, if your brand is constantly asking for business then people will not find any value in following you. Giving is key to success in social media. You need to understand your audience and what they value and bring them that. Content curation comes into play here because continually generating original content that is valuable can be very difficult, especially at the rate needed to be successful with social media marketing. By curating content, you can provide your audience valuable insights or entertaining posts without having to labor to develop a piece of content that may or may not connect.

How to Find the Right Content to Share
Knowing what content is worth sharing is important to being successful with your curating efforts. There are a few key approaches that anyone can take to help them find the best content for their audience.

  • Influencers – By following influencers that are relevant to your audience you can get an inside look into what the trending topics are and where these stories are originating from.
  • Personal Feed – Of course, when you log-in to your own social media accounts your probably not thinking about work. However, by intentionally monitoring your own feed you can get a glimpse into what topics are trending or what issues people are talking about most. By noticing this you can get a head start on identifying optimal content.
  • Top Ranked Blogs – As long as you know your audience well enough, chances are there are active blogs out there that are producing some great content. By sharing those blogs content, you are promoting their hard work, providing value to your audience, and increasing your brands value all at the same time.

Remember to think about content curation from your audiences perspective. You are trying to solve their problems and provide them value, by doing so, you will make a positive brand impression. Content, whether creation or curation, is a long term strategy and it won’t come with a long-term payoff.

Get Started
Content curation should not be your only method of posting on social media, but it can greatly enhance your value. Remember to always think in terms of your audience, you win when you provide them with the most value. No matter what type of content you post you should always have a plan and strategy in place. Finally, stay consistent in your tone and style, if you are posting content that is not correlated in some way, then your audience will not have a clear or strong connection to your brand. Start out by getting your plan in order, and take the time to learn about your audience and their interests.

To Your Best Online!

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Content Curation for Social Media


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