Google Ranking…It’s Only Going to Become More Important

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A few years ago, being the Google online leader was a target for almost every brand. As time has gone on being the Google online leader has lost some of its appeal to many. With the growth and value that can be found in social media marketing, many turned their attention in that direction. However, over that time Google has continued to rise far above any of their competition and has essentially owned the search engine space, but that’s not all. In this article we’re going to look at a few reasons why being the Google online leader is still important and will continue to be so in the future.

The Results You Want 

Earlier in the search engine’s existence, you could become the Google online leader by pulling a few clever tricks. If you understood the algorithms and how to hack them, you could get yourself ranked high on the search results. Over time, Google has continued to refine their algorithm to return the most accurate results. They are looking at a myriad of variables to determine your current activity, your relevance based on search query and more. While there are still some workarounds left, becoming the Google online leader is being to require one thing above the rest, and that is truth.

Broadening Their Reach 

Besides shifting their algorithm to return more viable results, Google has added additional features that affect who the Google online leader is. Since Google bought YouTube the site is a fan of supporting and promoting YouTube videos over any competition. If your brand has an active YouTube presence it will only help you achieve Google online leader status. Why? Because videos are the type of content that people want. If you’re looking for information and there is a relevant video you are more likely to select the video and to get the answers you want faster.

Along with bringing YouTube into the fold, Google also started its own social media branch, Google+. While Google+ may not see a lot of its own organic activity, Google Places has essentially become the online Yellow book for businesses. If your business has an active online Google Places presence on Google+ it will do a lot to help you achieve the coveted status of Google online leader in your field.

Pixel and Its Potential 

Admittedly, here is where we’ll get into a little forecasting. While these might be theories, they are theories based on a lot of work in the field, observing the changes over the years, and then drawing rational conclusions from the evidence. So far, all the evidence points to a growing value of being the Google online leader.

Recently Google introduced their first phone, the Pixel. To some, this may seem like an odd play, especially considering the minimal success of the Chromebook. However, there is a bigger opportunity here than one might initially perceive. For years the iPhone has been essentially the pinnacle of smartphones and every other competitor fell somewhere behind. Even if the competitor’s phone had better hardware or software the general public’s perception was that the iPhone was better. There is one simple explanation for this…approachability. The first iPhone changed the cell phone game completely and they did it in a way that made it easy for everyone to approach. Their software is full of intuitive attributes, meaning it does what you would naturally expect it to do. However, over time more and more operating systems have evolved to be more intuitive as well, and simply having an intuitive OS isn’t a strong enough aspect to differentiate on any longer.

So what matters now?

Over the years of the smartphone’s evolution, the public has become more and more comfortable managing more of their lives on their phone. Intuitiveness is now expected, but as the general public, we now want something more. We want a cohesive integration of our different apps, we want as much of the details of our lives to been collectively managed with the least amount of input from us possible, and this is where the Pixel comes in.

Since Apple has had few successful releases over the past couple years their fire appears to be dying out. In the meantime, Google has continued to expand their background functionality that runs on every phone with a Google app on it. This results in added intuitive benefits for the user. In addition, Google has continued to expand their office suite and the integration between their various apps. Essentially, the Pixel has two potentially huge market options, one is to eat into Apple’s piece of the pie and the other is to be the phone to fill the gap that was left by Blackberry. Either way, when people are using a full integrated Google phone for their daily lives, being the Google online leader will become even more valuable than it is currently.

Google in the Home 

In addition to the Pixel, Google has also recently introduced their first smart home assistant product, the Google Home. Admittedly, it will likely take some time for this to reach wide-spread adoption, but Google’s AI assistant is already arguably ahead of the pack. With the sheer volume of data that Google has access to and their history of managing that data, it’s no far cry to assume that Google Home will own a large portion of the smart home space. In the future when you ask your Google Home assistant anything that it has to search online for, you better believe that search will go through Google. Being the Google online leader will make a lot of sense then too.

Lead On! 

More and more people are picking up the habit of going to Google when they can’t come up with their own answers. As Google continues to expand its reach into our daily lives that habit is sure to expand. Being the Google online leader will require work, but it will pay off now, and in the years to come.

To Your Best Online!

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Google Ranking…It’s Only Going to Become More Important


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