10 Awesome Slack Features Your Team Should Be Using

In case you haven’t heard – Communicating with your teammates via email is slowing becoming a monotonous thing of the past. Who else is tired of spending countless minutes trying to sort through emails and find that important email your boss sent you? Yes, organizing through folders can be efficient, but there’s a platform that can do much more than what email can. All hail to the invention of Slack – the ultimate team-based collaboration tool which has reinvented the way in which we communicate with our team members. In case you aren’t across the basics of Slack – Here are a few fast facts to catch you up:
  1. Slack is an acronym for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge.”
  2. All content can be stored in Slack including files, conversations, and people.
  3. Content can be organized via different channels
While it’s been marketed as a messaging app for teams, it offers so much more than that. However, most people only use about 10 percent of slack, so if you’re one of those people, continue reading as we’re here to give you some tips for using the platform to it’s very fullest potential.

Trick 1: Set up a Slack bot for anything and everything

You can configure your Slack bot to answer specific and common questions such as “What is the password for our WordPress account?” You can also use Slack bot as your virtual reminder assistant. Type “remind me to [action such as pick up the dog] at [specific time/date].”

Trick 2: Connect to Google Drive permanently or as a one-off

Slack allows you to integrate your workflow into one place. To connect to Google Drive, paste a Good Drive file link, and Slack bot will provide options to connect

Trick 3: Star important messages for later

Direct messages and channel streams can be saved by hovering over the left side of the name of the direct message or channel and then just like that, the star will appear. Give it a click, and it’s saved.

Trick 4: Stay up to date on your Twitter mentions and tweets from your competitors

Keep an eye on any particular Twitter account (whether it be your competitors, industry news, etc.) by auto-posting tweets to a slack channel. Just go to slack.com/services and select Twitter from the list of integrations. You can also create a channel for your own company’s Twitter mentions.

Trick 5: Take advantage of slack apps

Slack is available on desktop and mobile! Mobile brings the distinct advantage of being able to connect while on the go or in between meetings. You can also add custom loaded messages, perfect for when you’re in a meeting and need to quickly reply that you can’t talk.

Trick 6: React to messages with emojis, emoticons and GIFS 

Because who doesn’t love a good emoji? Did we mention you can customize your emoji? Go to Customize  -> Emoji to create your own!

Trick 7: Advanced Search 

No need to worry if you forgot to star an important message! Try to remember any detail about the message such as the subject, keyword, who is was from, etc. You can use search parameters such as:
  • from: [username]
  • on: [date]
  • after/before [date]
  • during [month]
  • in [channel and/or username]
  • the list of options goes on which means you’ll for sure find what you’re looking for

Trick 8: Find any color imaginable 

Graphic designers, rejoice! When entering a hex color (such as #F08080) into the Slack search bar, the corresponding color swatch will magically appear next to it.

Trick 9: Email and Skype integration

Although utilizing Slack will eliminate some unnecessary emails, you can still integrate your emails and enable them to be redirected to any slack channel of your choosing, or you can create a channel specifically for redirected emails.

Trick 10: Chat with EVERYONE or groups of people at once

Just as you would use the @[name] symbol to talk to people, you can enter multiple names or better yet, to shout to the masses, just use @everyone.

There you have it – Slack features that will allow you to start using more than just 10% of what the platform has to offer! By using Slack, you can communicate better, share new knowledge and ideas more efficiently, and overall increase levels of productivity. Did we miss any slack hacks? Share them in the comments! Happy slacking!

To Your Best Online!

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10 Awesome Slack Features Your Team Should Be Using


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