Putting Facebook Stories to Use in Your Marketing Strategy

Video content has been an integral part of online marketing for some time and is an important part of their flawless saturated internet presence. With the launch of Facebook Stories, these business owners are now wondering how to incorporate this short video format into their online marketing.

What is Facebook Stories?

Facebook Stories is a new feature from Facebook, a video format that is a lot like Instagram Stories.  You can locate Facebook Stories at the top of the Newsfeed, but they disappear 24 hours after being posted. There is also the new Facebook Direct Feature linked to Stories, which sends your featured stories privately to selected people who can then reply. Facebook Stories can also make use of the vast array of effects and filters within Facebook Camera. It is a creative way for you to start boosting your internet presence.

How Can Facebook Stories be Used in Marketing?

Facebook Stories are currently not available to business pages, but that does not mean you can’t use them for marketing a business. Keep in mind stories are only able to be shared with your connected friends. That means to take advantage of Facebook Stories as a way to build your internet presence, you’ll need to be friends with those you want to interact with. Some people may not be comfortable with this, as they prefer to connect only with friends and family on Facebook. However, it is worth noting you can choose who sees your posts.

Facebook limits profiles to having 5000 friends so think carefully about who to add if you do use your profile for business. One idea could be to use Facebook Stories to grow your internet presence by connecting with influencers within your industry and even potential collaborators. Stories are also a great way to raise awareness of a new business within an existing network.

What to Share Using Facebook Stories?

Once you understand how Facebook Stories work and who your audience for them actually is, you will need to decide on what you are going to share in order to build your internet presence. Here are a few ideas that you might want to try out or adapt to suit your business.

Sharing behind the scenes footage is a good way to make use of Facebook Stories. Allowing customers some small glimpse into your day can help them to connect on a personal level. This glimpse into your life as a business person helps show the person behind your brand which makes people more comfortable to buy.

Facebook Stories could also be used to demonstrate expertise in your field. Share short how-to videos using video or images with text overlays. This not only gives an audience some additional valuable content but helps improve internet presence while positioning you as an expert within the community.

To Your Best Online!

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Putting Facebook Stories to Use in Your Marketing Strategy


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