Easy Tips for Creating The Perfect Email Marketing Signature

In the digital society in which we live, email is becoming increasingly more important. The average office-based worker sends more than 40 emails every day, and that is not even including email marketing that is sent out to a company mailing list. However, despite sending so many electronic communications, most people never give a second thought to how they sign off these messages. Neglecting email signatures is a huge missed opportunity, as they can be used to provide additional information and marketing.

Let’s take a look at some easy tips for creating the perfect email signature.

Think About Branding

Consistent branding is a big part of email marketing and internet marketing in general. Including your branding right there in your signature is a nice touch, especially if you use a bit of color. The best option is to choose one or two colors from your branding and use them in conjunction with black text. The color contrast will draw attention to your contact information and branding at the foot of the email. Many businesses also include a small copy of the company logo with their name and contact information.

Don’t Forget Design Hierarchy

You will likely have quite a bit of information in your signature if you are using it as an email marketing opportunity. In most cases, there will be a name, job title, email address, website, address and at least one phone number. That is a fair amount of information, and you will want to make sure that it is easy for the reader to digest it. That is when design hierarchy comes into play as it draws the eye to what should be read first. In the case of an email signature, that is likely to be your name, so use a larger font to attract attention. It is also a good idea to use colors and bold font to highlight anything of importance.

Add a Call to Action

Every interaction with customers should be an opportunity to create a lead. Make every email an opportunity for email marketing by including a call to action in your signature. You will want to follow a few essential rules when using a call to action in your email signature:

  • Update it regularly, especially if you email the same people often.
  • Keep your CTA simple
  • Don’t be pushy! Think post-script, not sales pitch.
  • Be in agreement with the tone of your email.

Include Social Media Icons

Social media is crucial to branding, and email marketing can be an opportunity to build your following.  Add links to social media profiles in your signature using icons and help drive traffic to those platforms. Just be sure that you are maintaining the profiles you are linking to and populating them with high-quality content.

To Your Best Online!

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Easy Tips for Creating The Perfect Email Marketing Signature


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