Using Location Stickers in Your Instagram Stories

Instagram stories can be a great tool to enhance your internet marketing efforts. However, they are only valuable if people are seeing them. One of the best ways to make sure that happens is to make proper use of clickable location stickers for your stories.

Location Stickers for Instagram Stories

A growing number of people are using Instagram to find local businesses, making it an essential part of any internet marketing plan. There are no solid statistics as of yet, but there are plenty of case studies out there describing Instagram success stories. It is becoming more and more common for consumers to use Instagram to locate a nearby restaurant or store either by searching a keyword along with their city or by using a location-based hashtag. As long as your location based business has set an address on Facebook or Instagram, then it will be populated in the Instagram search results. When a user clicks on one of those results, they will access all of the Instagram content relating to that location.

If the results have Instagram Stories linked to them, then the results will feature the story icon allowing users to tap and see stories from public accounts using that location sticker. However, aside from these targeted search strings, the Explore page will also show targeted story results that users might find interesting based on their searches and location. That means that even content that is not explicitly tagged with the location might be included in a local story.

Location based businesses can use this to their advantage as part of their internet marketing plan to show up more often in search results. As well as using the physical location of your business, try tagging local landmarks that are nearby to get even better results.

How to Add Location Stickers to Your Instagram Stories

Adding a location sticker to your Instagram stories is easy. You can do it with just a few simple steps:

  • Start your Instagram story by taking an image, recording a video or swiping up on the Story Screen to add an existing image.
  • Add a sticker to your story by tapping on the square smiley face icon at the top of the Story Screen.
  • When the list of stickers is displayed, select the Location Sticker.
  • Start typing your preferred location, and a list of possible matches will appear.
  • Choose the most appropriate location from the list.
  • You can now rotate, move or resize the sticker as desired.
  • When you are satisfied, tap Next to upload the story to Instagram.

Using location stickers in your Instagram stories, or better still, encouraging your customers to use them, will help you appear in more search results. This will prompt more Instagram users to check out your business and, hopefully, become customers. It is an excellent tool to add to your internet marketing arsenal. Make sure of using this tool strategically to succeed in driving more traffic to your content.

To Your Best Online!

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