Don’t Get Caught Out By New Facebook Clickbait Algorithm

Facebook has been working to improve the quality of the content that users see on their News Feed. The aim is to reduce the number of low-quality links being served up to users to improve their experience on the social media platform. That means weeding out clickbait, sensationalism, misinformation and other such spam posts. This is good news for most reputable marketers, but it is worth making sure you understand the ins and outs so that your internet marketing plan does not inadvertently fall foul of the new ranking system.

Who Will be Penalized?

Facebook has stated their goal is populating News Feeds with informative and entertaining content. The idea is that those sorts of high-quality links will have priority and low-quality links will not appear in users’ News Feeds. The aim is to eliminate or at least drastically reduce clickbait, sensationalism, and misinformation spreading via the platform. The primary targets will be individuals who routinely share a high volume of public posts on a daily basis. It is usually the case that these are part of shady internet marketing methods utilized by spammers and the content is made up of low-quality links. The update is only targeting links to individual articles and will not affect pages, videos, photos, check-ins or status updates in any way.

Will These Changes Impact my Facebook Page?

The big question on everyone’s lips is whether or not these changes are going to affect how Facebook Pages are used for internet marketing. The answer is no; it really shouldn’t. In fact, most marketers are likely not to notice any significant changes in the distribution of their content. Of course, that is assuming their internet marketing methods are not borderline spam! It is worthwhile reviewing your social media style sheet to ensure all staff knows the type of content and links they can share. Choose only high-quality links from credible sources and avoid any clickbait.

The one area where you may see a change is if you happen to have a lot of people sharing your links daily who fall into the category being targeted by Facebook. In that case, you may see a reduction in this method of distribution. However, in the long run, it is better to have genuine shares rather than low-quality ones that some consider spam!

How to Avoid Posts Being Tagged as Clickbait

With the new changes to the Facebook algorithm, posts making use of clickbait will be ranked lower in News Feeds; reducing the reach of such posts substantially as a result. Using clickbait is not advisable in any internet marketing plan, although some marketers may inadvertently use it without realizing. Here are a few tips to help you avoid posting clickbait:

  • Avoid using exaggerated or sensationalized headlines
  • Post only relevant and informative articles
  • Never share content that could be a hoax – check your sources
  • Avoid sharing links that lead to pages filled with ads

To Your Best Online!

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Don’t Get Caught Out By New Facebook Clickbait Algorithm


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