Social Media & Marketing Trends for 2017

Just imagine what sort of powerful online marketing plan you could have if you were able to see into the future and learn what type of social media and marketing techniques would have the most impact on your business! Unfortunately, it just isn’t possible; however, we can look at various statistics and figure out trends that are likely to emerge in these areas. Social media and internet marketing follow patterns, and when you identify these, the information can be vital in crafting a powerful online marketing plan.

With this in mind, let’s look at some of the social media and marketing trends you need to be aware of for the remainder of 2017!

Raise the Bar in Terms of Content

It seems like the catchphrase ‘content is king’ has been around for several years now, but it continues to hold true. In fact, now more than ever it is essential for a powerful online marketing plan to include high-quality content. The days of churning out a high volume of low budget content are long gone. The content we put out today must be of the highest possible quantity. It must offer readers something of value. Facebook recently announced algorithm changes that will give priority to content that is entertaining and informative, rather than sensationalism and click bait. This is something that should be carried over all areas of content creation, from a social media status update to blog posts and video content.

Marketers should already be focusing on producing quality content, but as we move through the latter half of 2017, it is time to set the bar even higher and strive for even better content. One way to do so is to stretch content as far as possible. If you have a strong blog post, why not think of other ways to enhance it. Can you create a corresponding video or podcast? Does the content lend itself well to creating an infographic? Do whatever you can to take great content to the next level and give your powerful online marketing plan an extra boost.

Embrace the Marketing Bots

One trend that is already apparent in social media and marketing is the rise of marketing bots. For those unfamiliar with marketing bots, the basic explanation would be they are a piece of software or script that runs automated tasks. It is likely that you have already seen these on Facebook messenger. This is an excellent tool to add to your powerful online marketing plan. Bots allow you to streamline communication with your visitors and can improve their user experience.

Take Advantage of More Customer Networking Opportunities

As we move through the last part of 2017, raise your powerful online marketing plan a few levels by tapping into consumer networking opportunities that have previously gone untapped. Try finding the places where your target market is hanging out in large numbers. Most marketers know to look at Twitter and Facebook groups, but have you tried other locations like or Reddit? These are just a tiny fraction of the potentially untapped networking opportunities that are out there waiting for you.

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