5 Instagram Insights You Should Be Tracking

Instagram has fast become an integral part of creating a flawless saturated internet presence. A growing number of brands are making excellent use of the social media platform to bring their message to a broader audience. According to the latest statistics, there are now close to 1 billion users, and around 80% of those users are regularly engaging with some of their favorite brands. However, while this all sounds great in theory, a surprising number of brands are not doing any in-depth tracking on Instagram, and that could be slowing down their attempts to build a flawless saturated internet presence.

Let’s take a closer look at the Instagram insights you should be tracking.

1 – Choosing Hashtags to Focus on

One of the keys of using Instagram to help build a flawless saturated internet presence is knowing how to use hashtags appropriately. Using hashtags makes Instagram content searchable and can help to attract new followers. However, there is also a considerable potential to misuse them. It is essential to choose the right hashtags to use for tracking campaigns. At present, up to 70% of hashtags used on Instagram are branded, and it is now expected that internet marketers will create their own branded hashtag as part of their flawless saturated internet presence.

It is crucial to research hashtags thoroughly to find those relative to your audience and the local community. Don’t just focus on industry hashtags; you will also want to consider popular tags like #ThrowbackThursday and #MotivationalMonday to gain access to a broader audience. Whichever hashtags you choose, make sure to track how they are performing. Which ones attract the most engagement?

2 – The Best Times to Post on Instagram

One of the keys to successfully using Instagram as part of your flawless saturated internet presence is getting the timing right. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to finding the right time to share content, as it will vary from brand to brand depending on your audience. Monitor the times and days when posts are getting the most interaction on Instagram to determine the optimal time to post.

3 – Which Type of Content is Most Popular?

Successful Instagram marketing is more than just getting the timing right and adding a few relevant hashtags. It is also essential to create the type of content your audience relates to and will engage with. Instagram is all about visuals, but users do not want to feel like brands are just advertising. It is not enough to just share product images. Keep a close eye on the types of content your audience is responding to and focus on those. User-generated content is particularly popular at the moment.

4 – Get an Overview of Your Followers

As with any online marketing, if you are going to build a flawless saturated internet presence, then you have to get to know your audience. Study the demographics of your Instagram followers, but also pay attention to where traffic is coming from. How do they find your Instagram account? Is it via email, your website, another social media platform or somewhere else?

5 – How Are People Engaging with Your Posts?

When it comes to content marketing, engagement is always one of the indicators that marketers need to be tracking. On Instagram, that means monitoring comments and likes on your content. Don’t stop at tracking – make sure you also respond to comments. It is suggested 15% of Instagram users will unfollow a brand if they never respond to their comments and messages.

How to Track These Instagram Insights

Now that you know what insights should be tracked, the next question is how? There is not the same level of built-in insights and analytics that many of the other social platforms offer, but third-party tools are available. Some of the most popular Instagram tracking tools include:

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