4 Easy Ways to Get More from Social Video Content

It is more or less common knowledge that video content offers more engagement than any other material. As an internet strategy consultant, let’s go one step further and state that social video is the most engaging type of video. With that in mind, here are a few helpful hints to get the most out of your social video content.

1 – Make Use of Native Video Content

A large number of marketers depend on video platforms like YouTube when it comes to video content. Since YouTube is the second largest search engine, it is only natural to assume that it is the best place to upload video content. However, a good internet strategy consultant will tell you native video is where it is at right now!

Facebook, in particular, is very keen on native video to the extent that this type of content is given priority on the Newsfeed. LinkedIn has also recently launched their native video function. You don’t need to ditch YouTube altogether, but it is a good idea to upload directly to social platforms as well!

The great thing about native social video is that you can also upload shorter, unedited content. If you feel restricted to the amount of content you put out due to a lack of time or editing skill, then try doing live videos or just filming short clips to upload in a raw format. Talk to an internet strategy consultant about how to use this content effectively. Some ideas might be to make a quick announcement, give a sneak peek at a product or offer a glimpse behind the scenes.

2 – Don’t Forget About Captions

Don’t forget to post a relevant caption alongside your native video uploads! Focusing on the visual content is excellent, but as any internet strategy consultant worth their salt will tell you – captions are a vital part of the storytelling process! Captions should describe what the video is about without giving too much away. They need to entice people to watch the video, and for SEO purposes you will also want to make sure that they are rich in relevant keywords.

3 – Try to Be Yourself

We already mentioned how social video could be a little less polished and unedited. It can also be a great way to make the most of your personality. If consumers can relate to the person behind the brand, then they are more likely to build a relationship. Be yourself, and the result will be far more authentic! Don’t force yourself to be funny if you are not a natural comedian – just be you.

4 – Experiment with Different Formats

One thing you might want to experiment with when it comes to social video is changing the format of your video. With so many people using social media on mobile devices, square videos are seeing additional engagement. In fact, people are 67% more likely to watch a square video over a horizontal one! A square video takes up more of the news feed and catches more attention! You could also play around with vertical video content – especially on Snapchat or Facebook Stories.

To Your Best Online!

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