Have You Added Gamification to Your Online Marketing Plan?

Internet marketing is becoming increasingly competitive, and as a result, marketers everywhere are always looking out for the next big thing to add to their online marketing plan. In recent years, one technique that has really gained popularity is gamification. Marketers are finding it is a great way to motivate consumers to engage with their brand.

Let’s take a closer look at gamification and how it can be implemented into your online marketing plan.

What is Gamification?

In the simplest of terms, gamification is the process of adding a competitive element to your marketing strategy. It covers a variety of gaming elements as they are applied to non-gaming situations. Examples could be rewarding players with points or badges when they participate in an interactive aspect of your website. Gamification is becoming an increasingly popular technique, over 705 of the world’s 2000 largest companies have utilized at least one element of gamification in their online marketing plan.

The Benefits of Gamification

Using gamification as part of your online marketing plan carries with it a number of benefits. A few of these include:

  • Spice up Your Content Marketing with Something Out of the Ordinary
  • Help Consumers to Build an Emotional Connection with Your Brand

How to Introduce Gamification to Your Marketing Plan

If gamification is something you want to add to your internet marketing plan, then take a look at our step by step guide.

  1. Define Your Goals & Your Target Audience – The first step in any gamification campaign should be clearly defining your end goal. You will also want to determine who the target audience of the campaign is. Some of the most common goals that can be achieved by adding gamification to your online marketing plan include building brand awareness, increasing engagement, encouraging brand advocacy, boosting customer loyalty and driving conversions.
  2. Create a Campaign That Looks & Feels Good – An essential part of any Gamification campaign is making sure that it looks and feels good. Opt for the kind of gaming features your audience is already familiar with. Consumers will not want to spend a long time figuring your game out, so keep it simple but fun. Is there a popular game people know and love that can be adapted for your business?
  3. Tie Your Gamification in With a Global Event – If your gamification campaign goes viral, it can really boost your online marketing strategy. One of the easiest ways to increase the chance of this happening is to tie it in with a global event such as the Olympic Games or a Holiday. For example, you could try adding an Easter egg hunt to your website during the Spring.

To Your Best Online!

Ingrid Griffin, Internet Marketing Consultant. Blue Dress® Marketing, an Internet Marketing Company headquartered in Knoxville, TN. Internet Marketing Developed, Implemented and Managed to Full Circle! Organic Internet Search Engine Guru. Turn Key Internet Optimization Programs Placing You Everywhere and Anywhere You Need to Be Online®


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